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Wacom Intuos Comic Creative Pen & Touch Tablet

I feel sad for my 5 years 5 months 15 days old Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch Tablet as it’s getting laggy. I think my almost 3 years old MacMini is also part of the problem. (Thinking about getting a new computer by the end of this year, perhaps MacBook Pro or Surface Book, we shall see!) Anyway, i decided to order a new one, a Wacom Intuos Comic Creative Pen & Touch Small Tablet (Black). Its active area is 152 x 95 cm (6.0 x 3.7 inches). Included in the box are the tablet, pen, USB cable, 3 x replacement pen nibs, software download instructions/code, quick starter guide and installation CD. It would be better if a small soft case is included. I have to order the case separately, for 19.95 USD from Amazon. What make this ‘Comic’ one different from another versions (Draw, Art, Photo) is the downloadable software pack. It comes with a Comic Pack including: Clip Studio Paint Pro and Smith Micro Anime Studio. However, i haven’t try them out yet as i already have Manga Studio 5 installed on my current computer.


  • reasonable and affortable price (4,050 THB or about 115 USD)
  • smooth working surface with grid system (dots are printed on the surface)
  • small and light, very portable to carry around (need to buy the case first)
  • with 4 customisable shortcut keys which located above the working surface
  • driver can be downloaded directly from the website and it’s easy to install


  • need to spend extra for a wireless kit (38.77 USD on Amazon) and the case
  • the pen doesn’t fit with the loop on the top side of the tablet (i was so surprised!)

Conclusion: 4.5/5

I enjoy using it so far and i don’t mind the small size because all i’m doing is touching up my scanned handmade works. If you plan to use it mainly for digital art, i recommended the bigger one (medium size) instead.

Keep Calm and Be Creative!


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My Computer Art

I love to draw with pencil on paper and it has been a while since i draw something on the computer. I started to working on the computer again when i learnt that Manga Studio 5 is available for Mac. I’ve been wanted to use a similar software called, “Paint Tool SAI” which is free but for PCs only! (Free Download from I switched from Microsoft Windows to Mac OS since 2008. The first one i own was 13″ White MacBook and now i’m using 15″ MacBook Pro bought in 2010. My next computer is going to be either 21.5″ or 27″ iMac (depends on my budget). I feel like i’m getting old because i prefer bigger and bigger screen every time i bought a new computer. I also have Wacom’s Bamboo Fun tablet. Although it’s a lot easier to use tablet instead of a mouse, i still have a problem with inking process. It’s so hard to make lines smooth! 😦 I took a course on computer art once where i learnt how to use the Adobe Creative Suit (Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign). Here are some of my computer artworks i made using SketchBook Pro, Adobe Illustrator CS5 and Manga Studio 5 from 2011 till present. 😀

SketchBook Pro

First_CG_081011 Wedding Logo

(Left) The very first one i drew on computer. Bad, isn’t it? 😦

(Right) I made this logo for my best friend’s wedding invitation card!

Wedding Starbucks Siren

(Left) Wedding greeting card i made for my cousin on his wedding day!

(Right) I designed this Siren to fit my Starbucks DIY tumbler. 😀

Adobe Illustrator CS5

Kameleon Teddies

(Left) I drew this chameleon in my Adobe Illustrator class and my friend used it as her avatar.

(Right) Also from my classwork, i drew the Mee Teddy with Mushi on his head.

Sheep_Latte Kiseki no Penguin

(Left) Photo + Illustration, I used this artwork for my personal design ATM card!

(Right) My postcard design i did last year for sale at Comic Season #6 in Bangkok.

Manga Studio 5

Cornetto Tiger NO DAM

(Left) This is my first work using Manga Studio 5, the inking is my main problem! Need to practice more.

(Right) My latest artwork i made to support the “No Dam! Stop EHIA Maewong” campaign in Thailand! 😀