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Girl meets Sweets by Sakizo

I would like to show off the latest book in my reference book collection, “Girl meets Sweets” by Sakizo, a Japanese illustrator ( While picking up another book I reserved via telephone at Kinokuniya, I stumbled across this book and asked a customer service representative to open it. After flipping through the book, I fell in love and decided to buy it right away.

I love every aspect of her works, from the style and color combinations to sweets and of course, those Marie Antoinette inspired dresses! Costume design is always a field that I’m interested in, so I took a fashion drawing short course with Bunka Fashion School. Ever since I graduated from it, my art style has been changing dramatically. I moved toward surrealism and incorporated everyday objects, like candy sweets, into characters’ outfits and accessories. Here are some examples of my work, colored with copic markers.

I will mainly use it as an inspiration for not only my next artwork but also during “Food with ideas” watercolor workshop that my friend and I registered for next month. Can’t wait! In my opinion, this book is highly recommended for artists who interested in watercoloring and Gothic-Lolita or Victorian style cosplayers.

Girl meets sweets

Girl meets Sweets
Author: Sakizo
Paperback: 138 pages
Publisher: Jitsugyo no Nihon Sha (2017)
Language: English & Japanese

Source: Photos and cover are from

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Wacom Intuos Comic Creative Pen & Touch Tablet

I feel sad for my 5 years 5 months 15 days old Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch Tablet as it’s getting laggy. I think my almost 3 years old MacMini is also part of the problem. (Thinking about getting a new computer by the end of this year, perhaps MacBook Pro or Surface Book, we shall see!) Anyway, i decided to order a new one, a Wacom Intuos Comic Creative Pen & Touch Small Tablet (Black). Its active area is 152 x 95 cm (6.0 x 3.7 inches). Included in the box are the tablet, pen, USB cable, 3 x replacement pen nibs, software download instructions/code, quick starter guide and installation CD. It would be better if a small soft case is included. I have to order the case separately, for 19.95 USD from Amazon. What make this ‘Comic’ one different from another versions (Draw, Art, Photo) is the downloadable software pack. It comes with a Comic Pack including: Clip Studio Paint Pro and Smith Micro Anime Studio. However, i haven’t try them out yet as i already have Manga Studio 5 installed on my current computer.


  • reasonable and affortable price (4,050 THB or about 115 USD)
  • smooth working surface with grid system (dots are printed on the surface)
  • small and light, very portable to carry around (need to buy the case first)
  • with 4 customisable shortcut keys which located above the working surface
  • driver can be downloaded directly from the website and it’s easy to install


  • need to spend extra for a wireless kit (38.77 USD on Amazon) and the case
  • the pen doesn’t fit with the loop on the top side of the tablet (i was so surprised!)

Conclusion: 4.5/5

I enjoy using it so far and i don’t mind the small size because all i’m doing is touching up my scanned handmade works. If you plan to use it mainly for digital art, i recommended the bigger one (medium size) instead.

Keep Calm and Be Creative!


Source: Tablet image is from

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Jawbone UP2, my 2nd Activity Tracker!

I broke my first activity tracker within 6 months after started using it… Sadly enough! I loved the Misfit Flash but it was too fragile for my taste. Nonetheless, it’s a good product. You can read the review here:

My in-laws decided to get me another one and this time it’s the UP2 from Jawbone!

Pro: I like the look and feel of it. 🙂 The band is quite thin like a bracelet, so i can wear it with my watch. The band is pretty smart. It automatically detects my workout without needed to be logged manually. Moreover, “UP” on IOS is the best app of them all! Jawbone really does it right. I also benefits from the “UP Coffee” where i can track my caffeine intake and associate the data with my sleep patterns from the main app. Great feature!

Con: I have to charge it every week as the battery will last about 7-8 days in my experience. Unlike the Misfit Flash, the UP2 is only water resistant. (Showering is fine actually.) I wish the band is waterproof, so that i can swim with it.

Conclusion: 4/5

I love it! However, i wish there is a better product out there… maybe the combination of Misfit Flash/Shine and Jawbone UP2 would be a perfect one! LOL

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Higuchi Yuko Artworks

Today is such a special day, Happy 29th of February! 😀

I love sketching with black ink but couldn’t figured it out how to do it properly. So, i’ve been learning from the pros! Apart from Tomoko Shintani whom i’ve just reviewed her book last year, Higuchi Yuko is one of my favourite Japanese artists. I first saw her works on small notebooks (those green ones in the photo below) i received as gifts from my sister.


She told me that she bought them thinking that i would like the artworks. And i did! I became Yuko’s the biggest fan and decided to bought her artbook (and more things to buy i’m sure). I also have my eyes on the postcard book, so that i can send this awesomeness to my family and friends!


It consists of so many beautiful artworks, making mostly with ink and watercolours, and goods that featured her works. The last part of the book is a small section on how-to and a studio tour. I highly recommended this book for not only artists out there but also cat lovers! It’s just too spectacular not to own a copy!


Higuchi Yuko Artworks

Author: Higuchi Yuko

Softcover: 160 pages

Publisher: Graphic-sha (2013)

Language: Japanese

Source: Book cover is from

Read more about Tomoko Shintani and her book at:

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Hair Straightener, my personal BA!

Stay beautiful, ladies! 😀 I recently got my hands on the new hair straightener by Philips and i think it’s really good. I use it after dried my hair with a normal dryer. I feel that it doesn’t damage my hair because i can adjust temperature (150, 175 and 200 C) to fit the condition of my hair. With my problematic slightly wavy and very fluffy hair, this thing will be my BA until i get hair rebonding, a straightening treatment!

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Philips Moisture Protect Straightener (HP8372)

1. Innovative Moisture Protect sensor

Diagnoses my hair 30 times per second and adapts the temperature to preserve natural hydration

2. Ionic conditioning

Prevents static for smooth, frizz free, shiny hair

3. Floating straightening plates

Apply less pressure to hair to reduce the risk of breakage

As for hair dryer, i use the Panasonic ionity Silent Design 1500 (EH5374) which is also pretty good too. 🙂

Anyway, sorry for the short review! I’ve just started working at the new office at the beginning of March and still adjusting myself to the new environment. Wish me luck!

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The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Chronicles

Last week, i recently received the 4th book from The Hobbit Chronicles Book series. It’s the one i’ve been waiting to read for months after pre-ordered it in March! I bought it from for 28.06 USD, while the 3rd book is a gift from my hubby for Christmas last year. I’m so excited to see an epic conclusion of Bilbo’s adventures in December, although i’m not very fond of the new name of the final movie as it changed to “The Battle of the Five Armies” instead of “There and Back Again”. 😦

The third book is all about “Art & Design” of the Desolation of Smaug. It consists of concept artworks of additional characters & creatures, new sets and of course the dragon, Smaug! My favourite is actually the design of Lake-town which inspired by the Celtic, while the costume design is full of Asian influences, especially Mongolian-Chinese. The book also features the design of Dale both from the ancient time and the ruins in the present day. Inside the back cover, there is a portrait of the master of Lake-town. I found it’s quite unique and nice because i’m a fan of Stephen Fry! 🙂

Moving for concept art to real props, the fourth book, marked “Cloaks & Daggers”, is my favourite one so far as i love costumes and weapons!!! It focuses on how the specialist artisans bring the films to life with their skills. This book presents the fine works of sculptors, costume makers, dyers, armorers, jewellers, leather-workers, prop-makers, and etc. All the props needed, even the food props, for the movies are in it. So, it’s totally awesome! In addition, a full photo of market in Hobbiton is attached to the back cover and this market is only seen in the extended version of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. 😀

Both The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Chronicles are highly recommended for fans and those who interested in prop-making or even cosplay. So, be sure to check them out and you won’t be disappointed!

The Hobbit Books 3 & 4

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Chronicles – Art & Design

Author: Weta

Hardcover: 208 pages

Publisher: Harper Design (2013)

Language: English

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Chronicles – Cloaks & Daggers

Author: Weta

Hardcover: 256 pages

Publisher: Harper Design (2014)

Language: English

Read my review of “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Chronicles” books at:

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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Chronicles

I love The Hobbit movies even more than The Lord of the Ring movies. Can’t wait to watch the final film of the series! I got both The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Chronicles from with reasonable prices of 26.59 USD and 23.25 USD respectively. I spent only 2 days to finish them! The artworks and photos featured in those books are priceless.

The first book, marked “Art & Design”, consists of concept artworks of hair, make-up, costumes, props and weapons for the characters featured in the film. What i like the most are the pencil-sketched artworks of houses, furnitures, tools, as well as landscapes. There are also some concept artworks of creatures like trolls, stone giants, goblins, wargs and their riders. Inside the front and back covers, Thorin’s Map and Barlin’s Conditions of Engagement are attached. The map with the moon rune letters is very cool and the calligraphy on the contract is great! 🙂

As the first one focuses on concept art, the second book is all about “Creatures & Characters” which deals with casting, movement coaching, accents and actual make-up, prosthetics and wigs. There is also a huge part about building 3D animated creatures such as the trolls, Goblins King, Gollum, Azog, etc. and beasts such as Radagast’s animal friends, the eagles, wargs, bats, insects etc. Anyway, it doesn’t include Smaug, the Dragon. What a shame! I hope he will appear in the next chronicles book. 😀 In addition, the comparative size chart of character scale is featured in the back cover of the book as well.

I actually like the first book better than the second one but they are equally good. So, it depends on what you are interested in! Both books are highly recommended for fans of the Hobbit book and movies!

The Hobbit I

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Chronicles – Art & Design

Author: Weta

Hardcover: 208 pages

Publisher: Harper Design (2012)

Language: English

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Chronicles – Creatures & Characters

Author: Weta

Hardcover: 224 pages

Publisher: Harper Design (2013)

Language: English