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Fitbit Versa, my 1st Smartwatch!

For a while, I’ve been looking around for a smart watch. I wasn’t happy with the designs until I found out about a new Fitbit Versa. I decided to go with the 229.95 USD special edition (with extra band and Fitbit Pay), so my hubby ordered it for me from the US. After using it everyday for about 2 months and I would like to share my honest review here!


The watch is slim and not too bulky. With its charcoal woven band, I like how comfortable it feels. Apart from tracking steps, distance and active minutes, it also tracks calories I burned which depends on how active I am each day. When I do my T25 exercise in the mornings, the watch recognizes the exercise and tracks it immediately. The sleep tracking is super on point due to the heart rate tracker.


What I love the most is actually the silent alarm! This function is useful, especially I don’t want to disturb my hubby when I have to wake up earlier then him in some mornings. It’s very effective that I completely stopped using my alarm clock. I also never miss a call again with its notification. In general, I enjoy using it as my primary watch and sometime it also give me cute badges with interesting facts.



  • Attractive and lightweight design with comfortable band
  • Every tracking functions are pretty on point, especially sleep
  • Reasonable and affordable price (199.95 USD for normal edition)
  • Water resistant to 50 m. for wear in pool or rain and tracks swim
  • About 4 days battery life for 1 charge (only 15 min. is needed)
  • Fitbit app (for iOS) is easy to navigate and read the data
  • Silent alarm, call notification, & woman health is useful


  • For iPhone users, notifications are limited to calls and SMSs
  • Food and drink for calories input are quite limited
  • Limited apps (Starbucks and Spotify please!!!)
  • Payment function is not usable in Thailand

Conclusion: 4.5/5

Note: I didn’t use all of the available functions, such as music and on-screen workout, so I can’t give my review on that particular things.

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Jawbone UP2, my 2nd Activity Tracker!

I broke my first activity tracker within 6 months after started using it… Sadly enough! I loved the Misfit Flash but it was too fragile for my taste. Nonetheless, it’s a good product. You can read the review here:

My in-laws decided to get me another one and this time it’s the UP2 from Jawbone!

Pro: I like the look and feel of it. 🙂 The band is quite thin like a bracelet, so i can wear it with my watch. The band is pretty smart. It automatically detects my workout without needed to be logged manually. Moreover, “UP” on IOS is the best app of them all! Jawbone really does it right. I also benefits from the “UP Coffee” where i can track my caffeine intake and associate the data with my sleep patterns from the main app. Great feature!

Con: I have to charge it every week as the battery will last about 7-8 days in my experience. Unlike the Misfit Flash, the UP2 is only water resistant. (Showering is fine actually.) I wish the band is waterproof, so that i can swim with it.

Conclusion: 4/5

I love it! However, i wish there is a better product out there… maybe the combination of Misfit Flash/Shine and Jawbone UP2 would be a perfect one! LOL

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