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Fashionpedia: The Visual Dictionary of Fashion Design

I backed Fashionary’s campaign on Kickstarter for vector templates and the FASHIONPEDIA – The Ultimate Fashion Bible. This book is 49.90 USD but worths every penny!

It consists of 8 chapters as the following:

Chapter 1: Fashion History & Style

  • Fashion and World History – timeline between 1900s to 2010s
  • Fashion Style and Silhouette – popular fashion trends from 5th Centuries to 1990s

Chapter 2: Apparel

  • Names, pictures and measurements of Jacket, Coat & outerwear, Shirt, Blouse & other tops, Dress, Vest, Sweater & cardigan, Danim & jeans, Pants, Skirt, Jumpsuit & overall, Suit, Sleepwear & nightwear, and Underwear

Chapter 3: Detail

  • Names and pictures of Neckline, Collar, Lapel, Sleeve, Cuff, Opening, and Pocket
  • Detail components of Jacket, Shirt, Pants, and Jeans

Chapter 4: Accessories

  • Types (with names and pictures) of Hat & cap, Mask, Eyewear, Tie, Scraf, Bag, Wallet, Watch, Gloves, Hand fan, Belt, Hosiery (socks, stockings, & tights), Shoes, Gem, Ring, Body piercing & earrings, Necklace, Bracelet, and Other accessories

Chapter 5: Textile

  • Classifications and terminologies of Fibre, Yarn, Fabric (woven, knit & nonwoven), Leather, and Lace
  • Types of Finishing (dyeing & printing), and Fabric patterns
  • Organic textile and labels
  • Suggested guide for fabric selection and dictionary

Chapter 6: Manufacturing

  • Product development: Planning -> Development -> Presentation
  • Design studio and factory
  • Flat pattern markings
  • Sewing detail (darts, pleats, tucks, gathering) and classes of stitch, seam, hem & other edge finishings
  • Embellishment: buttons, buckles & sliders, hooks, zippers etc.
  • Common germent labels, description and placement positions
  • Types of packaging
  • Fabric sourcing

Chapter 7: Body & Beauty

  • Body terminologies and shapes
  • Common hairstyles, hair accessories and comb types
  • Makeup, products, tools and nail styles
  • Classification of perfume and aromatic sources

Chapter 8: Measurement & Care

  • Body measurements and standard hat/shoe sizes
  • Care labeling and fabric care

In my opinion, it’s not only useful for fashion designers but also for artists/illustrators… like myself. While reading it, i found myself learning English terminologies related to clothing,  accessories, body types, and hairstyles along the way. So, it’s the best Fashion reference book i’ve ever own! Highly recommended. 😀


Fashionpedia: The Visual Dictionary of Fashion Design

Author: Fashionary

Hardcover: 336 pages

Publisher: Fashionary (2016)

Language: English

Source: Book image is from