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Shoe & Bag Design by Fashionary

Because of the Black Friday Sale in 2016, I ordered more books from Fashionary! The first one is “Fashionpedia: The Visual Dictionary of Fashion Design”.

You can read my review here:

As I was so busy with work all through last year, I haven’t read them yet. The first one is “Shoe Design”, which is a handbook for footwear designer. It consists of shoes’ library, anatomy, how-to make/care, components, templates and measurements. What I like the most about this book is the library part with different type of shoes including heels, flats, sneakers, etc. The book features more than 30 interesting lacing methods for my new Onitsuka Tiger sneakers. It also gives me the idea of how to draw foot for my characters. Very helpful indeed!

The second one is “Bag Design”, which is a handbook for bag designer. It consists of bags’ library, anatomy, how-to make/care, leathers & fabrics, templates and measurements. I especially like the library part where I learnt about type and name of bags, as well as designer signature bags from Chanel, Dior, Gucci, LV, Prada etc. I also think that a bag care & maintenance section is interesting and useful. (I should clean my canvas bags and luggage sometime soon.)

Although I like them a lot, I would enjoy them more if they were printed in full color and I think the shoe book is much more useful for non-fashion designer like me. So, I highly recommended both books for any fashion designers out there. As for me personally, I use them for my artworks. They are good references for artists and illustrators alike. 🙂


Shoe Design: A Handbook For Footwear Designers
Author: Fashionary
Hardcover: 144 pages
Publisher: Fashionary (2016)
Language: English

Bag Design: A Handbook For Accessories Designers
Author: Fashionary
Hardcover: 144 pages
Publisher: Fashionary (2016)
Language: English

Source: Book covers and videos are from

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My Nametag Bag(s)

I always like to support local businesses in Thailand for a long time but disappointed with some of them. (For example, 42-size-high-heels i bought from the internet that hurt my feet like hell, so the little mermaid i understand you now or sneakers that made me look like Pinocchio!) I decided not to buy shoes or anything else from local shop anymore! But after i discovered a personalised bag shop called, “Nametag”. I changed my mind. I ordered a brown Gym Bag (Dimension: W50 cm.) with my name “Pannita” on it. The bag arrived after about 20 days. Although it’s a bit pricey, i found that the quality is great. I immediately used it for my 4 days trip to Taiwan. I found that it’s made to withstand abuse and quite durable. On the first day, i slept at the airport using this bag as a pillow. For me, it’s perfect for 3-4 days trip and of course, a trip to the gym (which i do not take, LOL)! Anyway, I love it so much that i decided to order another one, Everyday Bag (Dimension: W38 x D15 x H23 cm.) with my nickname “Kor” embroidered in white.


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City Backpacker Vol. 2

After got my hands on the famous and popular Kanken backpack, i’m now addicted to backpacks and bought more! I was torn between two brands, Hershel Supply Co. from Canada and Carrot Company’s anello EST. 2005 from Japan. But after I saw my friend using an anello backpack on our 4-days trip to Taipei, i decided to get one. I couldn’t find the right colour from any shop in Thailand, so i ordered it directly from Japan. It’s a bit more expensive, plus shipping and custom, but i’m super happy with the one i got! 😀

I bought the regular size one, Light Grey x Black colours. It looks small but comes with high capacity! The bag is very light and waterproof. There are 2 compartment, a main large one and a small one on the front where i put my small items like train cards, office access card and etc. There is also a zipper at the back so that i can access my stuff without having to open from the top. Very convenience, indeed! 😉

There is a mini size as well but it’s too small for me (and my stuff). LOL Btw, if you are interested in one, i recommended “Onimaru Shop”, “Choose ME” or “Nukoy Shop” , as there are so many fake ones in the market right now. Please, beware!

Anyway, check out my 1st City Backpack, Fjallraven Kanken No.2 (Deep Red) here:

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Purse? Wallet?

After 3 years of using Fossil wallet, i decided to get a new one! So, i decided to get a Houndstooth Small Zip Purse from Fred Perry. The reason why i went with smaller wallet is because i don’t need to carry too many membership cards. Nowadays, we can use phone number to collect points instead.


Although i have to fold the banknotes, I like it a lot because of how small it is. Another downside is that it’s not a real leather but a polyurethane. I guess we will see after a year of use how durable it is.

IMG_1365 IMG_1364

I’ve been using so many design of wallets and purses but still prefer this kind (over a long one women like to use). In conclusion, i like it a lot but the coin compartment is a little too small. However, i always remove big coins and put them in my piggybank everyday! 🙂

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City Backpacker

It’s been a while since i last bought a backpack. It was in 2010 (5 years ago). I got a DaKnie laptop backpack when i was studying in Germany. I used it for trips and day out with my old 15″ laptop. The backpack comes with least 5 compartments for laptop, sunglasses and all. It also has hidden compartment on the back where i can put my important stuff like passport and wallet. I love how big but not too bulky it is! Although i switched to a desktop computer, i’m still using it for a trip that longer than 3 days or abroad.


However, this guy is no longer suitable for everyday use (without a laptop). So, it’s time to buy a smaller and lighter backpack and i decided to get a new one from Fjallraven Kanken. After took it on a short trip, this Kanken No.2 (Deep Red) backpack is great and durable. I like the colour and the waterproof fabric but the only disadvantage is it comes with only 2 compartments which is too few for me. I also got the Kanken Pocket (Black) which is a great compliment to the backpack. It’s perfect for mobile phone, wallet and some small things. Anyway, i love them and plan to get more Kanken products like the mini backpack or wallet in the near future. 🙂


If you live in Thailand and interested in getting one like this, plz contact “Everyday Shiawase” shop at:

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My favourite necklaces & pendants

I’m not a huge fan of “bling-bling” like diamonds and crystals but I like silver jewellery. My wedding ring is just a simple band, made of gold and coated with rhodium. Anyway, i would like to show you my most favourite necklaces and pendants.

IMG_0379 IMG_0381

(Left) This one is actually an earring but i don’t ear piercings. So, it’s perfect pendant!

(Right) The Seahorse King is the one i wear the most lately. I like the design a lot.

IMG_0380 IMG_0382

(Left, Right) These two are from AllSaints and i like them both.

IMG_0384 IMG_0387

(Left) I got the scissors from ASOS and the necklace is broken.

(Right) The clock is a gift from my mom.

IMG_0383 IMG_0388

(Left) My nickname “KOR” is made to order.

(Right) The I (heart) Berlin one bought from

IMG_0385 IMG_0386

(Left) The left one is pretty expensive bought from Spoonful Cafe.

(Right) The barbed wire necklace is my J-rock prop when i was in high school… still like it but never have a chance to wear it recently. LOL

I hope you find them interesting and plz show me yours! 🙂

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The Chronicles of Fashion: The Brands, the Clothes and the Wardrobe

I have to be upfront with you about my fashion and sense of style. I’m very far from what you called, “Fashionista”! I buy what i like and see fit. I’m not following any specific trends or anything. Colours i prefer for my clothes and shoes are mainly black, grey, navy, brown, beige and white. As for the brands i’m very fond of, here are the lists of top 5 favourite brands for Clothes & Accessories and Shoes!

Clothes  & Accessories

1. All Saints

I absolutely love this brand! I fell in love with it… since i saw the shop in London for the first time! I like the designs in general. I’ve got lots of jewellery and accessories, a couple of cardigans, a winter coat, and a pair of boots. I’m interested in a wallet and would like to get it as soon as it’s on discount. LOL 🙂

All Saints Berlin

Photo: All Saints shop on Friedrichstraße, Berlin, Germany

2. Uniqlo

I learnt about this Japanese brand when i traveled to Japan with my family. The designs are so simple and easy to wear that why i love them. I got t-shirts, sweaters, room pants, tights, socks and house shoes, bought from Uniqlo stores in both Thailand and the US. The heattach series is always great for winter!


Photo: Scarf designed by mt Japan, bought from Uniqlo Mega Bangna, Bangkok, Thailand

3. Fossil

This american brand is best known for the watches but i have to say that bags and accessories are not bad at all. I really love its vintage designs. I currently use a brown/canvas wallet, bought from Frankfurt Airport in 2012. I also have two handbags, a medium canvas one and a large black leather one. Love them!

Fossil Marlow Satchel

Photo: Fossil Canvas Marlow Satchel, bought last year from

4. Zara

In my opinion, this spanish brand is good for work clothes! I got 2 coats and a handbag, bought from Zara stores in Bangkok and Berlin. I used to wear Zara’s cardigans but i left all of them at my parents’ place in Thailand. Btw, i found that some designs are too big for me even i tried on their smallest size or XS! 😦

Zara Coat

Photo: Me in Zara coat, trying to look like Sherlock Holmes for BBC’s Sherlock series! LOL

5. H&M

H&M is not the best quality brand around but the prices are quite reasonable. So, i occasionally found good pieces from its discount line. The jeans and printed t-shirts are not bad at all and i have several of them. I mainly shop for clothes at H&M here because it is the only store located downtown i can access on foot!

H&M Bangkok

Photo: The first H&M shop in Siam Paragon, Bangkok, Thailand


1. Onitsuka Tiger

Onitsuka Tiger is my favourite brand of sneakers. I got my 1st pair of Navy blue striped Mexico 66, bought from Berlin flagship store in 2009 and my 2nd pair of  purple/grey Mexico 66, got as a Christmas gift in 2012. My current and 3rd pair of Crystal Blue/White Mexico 66 is just arrived. I wear them almost everyday!

Onitsuka Tiger Berlin

Photo: Onitsuka Tiger Flagship store on Steinstraße, Berlin, Germany


Aldo shoes are very good for work and it has my size! That’s important for me because i have an unusual shoes size for asian women. My size is EU42 or US10 which is 1 size bigger than my dad’s! Anyway, the shoes are comfortable and good looking. I love the Oxford shoes and used them for work instead of high heels!

ALDO Oxford Shoes

Photo: Me, wearing ALDO Oxford Shoes on a business trip to Berlin, Germany in 2012

3. UGG Australia

I have to admit that i’m not a huge fan of UGG classic elephant-feet style boots. I never own a pair of them but i’m absolutely certain that they will make my big feet look even bigger! As i’ve heard that those boots are very warm and perfect for winter, i decided to go for it but got a different style and they look pretty good!

UGG Boots

Photo: UGG Australia Adirondack II, bought to fight the last winter in Denver!

4. Fit Flop

In Thailand, FitFlop is an expensive brand and well-known for its sandals. I finally got my hands on a pair of brown sandals and discovered that they are very soft and compy. Although the design is a bit bulky, they are light and support my feet very well. This brand is recommended, if you know where to buy them cheap!

FitFolp Sandals

Photo: FitFlop Tan Sling Thong Sandals, bought from in 2012

5. Born

I’ve never heard about this american brand before i found it at DSW or Designer Shoe Warehouse. I was looking for flat shoes for work and I decided to get a pair of Born shoes based on reviews on DSW’s website. The reviews are right! The B&W Oxford shoes are comfy and go well with my black handbag. Like them! 😀

Born Oxford Shoes

Photo: Born Kika B&W Oxford Shoes, recently bought from DSW