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Girl meets Sweets by Sakizo

I would like to show off the latest book in my reference book collection, “Girl meets Sweets” by Sakizo, a Japanese illustrator ( While picking up another book I reserved via telephone at Kinokuniya, I stumbled across this book and asked a customer service representative to open it. After flipping through the book, I fell in love and decided to buy it right away.

I love every aspect of her works, from the style and color combinations to sweets and of course, those Marie Antoinette inspired dresses! Costume design is always a field that I’m interested in, so I took a fashion drawing short course with Bunka Fashion School. Ever since I graduated from it, my art style has been changing dramatically. I moved toward surrealism and incorporated everyday objects, like candy sweets, into characters’ outfits and accessories. Here are some examples of my work, colored with copic markers.

I will mainly use it as an inspiration for not only my next artwork but also during “Food with ideas” watercolor workshop that my friend and I registered for next month. Can’t wait! In my opinion, this book is highly recommended for artists who interested in watercoloring and Gothic-Lolita or Victorian style cosplayers.

Girl meets sweets

Girl meets Sweets
Author: Sakizo
Paperback: 138 pages
Publisher: Jitsugyo no Nihon Sha (2017)
Language: English & Japanese

Source: Photos and cover are from

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Fujifilm instax SHARE SP-3 SQ

Last year (2017), Fujifilm launched a new hybrid instant camera for a new square format film, instax SQUARE SQ10. I was mildly interested in it because of the square film. This new camera is quite pricey (approx. 280 USD) and I’m not in to its hybrid ‘instagram like’ features (digital camera + instant printer). I keep waiting for Fujifilm to release a new line of instant cameras with this type of film. However, three months later, the company added a new portable printer to the instax SHARE product line instead. I enjoy the instax SHARE SP-1 so much when I got it in 2014. So, I decided to buy the new instax SHARE SP-3 SQ. I found that it’s what I want and about 80 bucks cheaper than the SQ10. 🙂

There are two color options for the SP-3, black or white. I already own a white SP-1, so I picked the black one. The build and design of this printer is nice and sleek. The quality of the print out is good as expected. The only downside is the price of the square instant film (16.99 USD per 10 exposures). I think I will mainly use it for special occasions, like birthday or wedding. As for printing on the go or scrapbook, I would recommended the SP-1 or its updated model, instax SHARE SP-2. because the instax mini film is cheaper and easier to find.

Read more about the instax SHARE SP-1 here:

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What’s in my Everyday Bag?

Recently, I’ve seen lot of female bloggers did “What’s in my Bag?” posts or videos on YouTube. What they have in comment is their bags are so small! Using my regular size backpack, I am so embarrassed to tell you that I carry 35 things with me almost everyday, especially on the workdays.

Essentials (10)

1. Mobile phone – Apple iPhone 6s Plus, 2 years

2. Purse organizer – Purse Perfector, bought long time ago from the US

3. Wallet – Fossil Emma Mini Multi function RFID Wallet, bought in 2016

4. Phone charger – iPhone charger/wire in Husky P+G Mini Pochi Friends Case

5. Headphones – iPhone Earpods with 3.5 mm Headphone Plug

6. Public transportation cards  2 BTS Skytrain cards and 1 MRT Metro card

7. Coin purse – simple mini pouch for small change for bus rides

8. Apartment key and card – in Jinbesan key pouch

9. Office access card – to access every doors in the office + to use smart printers

10.  Buddhist monk amulet – “Luang Pu Thuat” amulet, received from my dad

Stationery (5)

11. Ball Pen – Pental Liquid Gel Ink 0.7 mm ball pen, Blue

12. Notebook – MD Notebook, A5, dot grid for Bullet Journal with Starbucks Pouch

13. Fountain pen – Kaweco AL Sport Fountain Pen, Light Blue

14. Pencil – Kaweco AL Sport Mechanical Pencil 0.7 mm, Light Blue

15. Pen case – Kaweco Classic Leather Case for 2 pens

Personal Care (10)

16. Hygiene wet wipes – Karisma Serious Hygiene Wipes

17. Make-up removal wipes – Boots Cucumber Cleaning Wipes

18. Earloop masks – 3M Nexcare Earloop Masks

19. Pain reliever tablets – Tylenol 500 mg

20. Bandages – several types of bandage strips (plastic, clear, waterproof, fabric)

21. Hand cream –  L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

22. Lip balm – Laneige: Grapefruit Lip Glowy Balm

23. Lip stick – Kat von D: Mini Studded Kiss Lipstick, Cathedral

24. Blotting paper – Fenty Beauty: Invisimatte Blotting Paper

25. Comb – Tangle Teezer: Lulu Guinness Clara Compact Styling Hairbrush

Odds & ends (10) 

26. Business card case – All Saints Metal Card Case

27. Eyeglasses cleaning cloth – Microfiber cloth from Taiwan’s Houtong Cat Village

28. Stain remover – Tide To-go Instant Stain Remover

29. Lint sheets – 3M Scotch Lint Sheets

30. Folding shopping bag – Happy Berry Dachshund, bought from Japan

31. Bag hanger – from AIS Serenade (Mobile phone service provider)

32. Umbrella – HUS. Smart Duo Folding Umbrella, Kujira design, bought from Japan

33. Reusable water bottle – A7 memobottle 180 ml

34. Instant coffee – Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Italian Roast

35. Gum – Wrigley’s Extra Strawberry Flavor, Sugarfree Chewing Gum

I think if I try very hard I could carry only to the essentials and use a small lady handbag instead. However, it’s impossible… because “Better safe than sorry.” LOL

More detail about the backpack I use on a regular basis here:

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My 2018 Bullet Journal

Hello there! It has been a (long) while since I post anything on here. To be honest, I had a rough time last year due to the combination of new office location, new organizational structure and new boss. There was a lot to take in and process. My office moved to another part of the city at the end of October 2016. (My previous blog was posted at the end of September 2016, I guess you can see the correlation!) I also moved in to a new apartment located across town from where I used to live. The new department with a new boss is quite a challenge. I have to work under a lot of pressure and stress, which took a toll on my physical and emotional conditions. Well, that’s another topic for another time…

What I would like to present to you is my 2018 Bullet Journal! You may (or may not) ask what is it? To sum up, “Bullet Journal” is a customizable organization system that combines ‘To-do List’, ‘Planner’, and ‘Diary’ into a single notebook. I used Midori’s MD Notebook A5 10th Anniversary Dot Grid with plastic cover and Kaweco AL Sport Fountain Pen Light Blue with Caramel Brown ink. I put them in a Starbucks pouch and take it anywhere with me in my backpack/handbag.


My basic bullet journal set up are the following:

  1. Goals – what I want to achieve and goals
  2. Keys – consist of Bullets, Signifiers & Meals
  3. 2018 Calendar – a simple whole year calendar
  4. Index – “Contents” page, where I add number of page and topics
  5. Future Log – “Year at a Glance” where I can see holidays and special events occur all year round
  6. Monthly Log – Calendar Page + Task Page (To-Do, Goals, Events, Note & Next Month)
  7. Monthly Habit & Mood Tracker – Personal Care (e.g. Exercise, Vitamins, Coffee), Productive Activities (e.g. Instagram, Reading, No Shopping) and Emotions (e.g. Motivated, Stressed, Sad/Depression)
  8. Weekly/Daily Log – initially includes weekly ‘Review’, which I later changed it to Weekly Tasks and Next Week instead
  9. Monthly Reflect + Review – a place for thoughts on the passed month
  10. Collections – pages for specific topics, for example, “Books I Read”, “Movies I Watched”, “Game I Played” etc.

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In order to maintain it, I try to keep the system as simple as I can. I love clean and organized templates. (I am a perfectionist and hate making mistakes.) Before I started the journal, I read Bullet Journal website by Ryder Carroll (the guy who started it all!) and watched a couple of related YouTube videos, then designed my own templates to fix my 28 x 40 grid notebook. The good thing about bullet journal is I can tweak the formats as I go along. I can also use it to jot down notes and sketch something on the fly. Thanks to this journal, I can keep my myself in check and on track. 🙂

* More detail about resources and supplies I used here:

Bullet Journal: The analog system for the digital age

Little Coffee Fox: Inspiration through Organization

Mariana’s Study Corner (YouTube)

Amanda Rach Lee (YouTube)

Midori’s MD Notebook

Kaweco Pen


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My Nametag Bag(s)

I always like to support local businesses in Thailand for a long time but disappointed with some of them. (For example, 42-size-high-heels i bought from the internet that hurt my feet like hell, so the little mermaid i understand you now or sneakers that made me look like Pinocchio!) I decided not to buy shoes or anything else from local shop anymore! But after i discovered a personalised bag shop called, “Nametag”. I changed my mind. I ordered a brown Gym Bag (Dimension: W50 cm.) with my name “Pannita” on it. The bag arrived after about 20 days. Although it’s a bit pricey, i found that the quality is great. I immediately used it for my 4 days trip to Taiwan. I found that it’s made to withstand abuse and quite durable. On the first day, i slept at the airport using this bag as a pillow. For me, it’s perfect for 3-4 days trip and of course, a trip to the gym (which i do not take, LOL)! Anyway, I love it so much that i decided to order another one, Everyday Bag (Dimension: W38 x D15 x H23 cm.) with my nickname “Kor” embroidered in white.


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Walt Disney’s Alice in Wonderland: An Illustrated Journey Through Time

Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland” (1951) is one of my favourite animation growing up. I recently saw “Alice Through the Looking Glass” (2016) in theatre and it wasn’t as bad as everyone said it is. I enjoyed it a lot, especially “Time” as a character. 😀

This book explores Walt Disney’s fascination with Lewis Carroll’s book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and its sequel Through the Looking-Glass. It consists of how he developed Alice animated feature, including Wonderland and its characters, as well as how the film turned into attractions (rides, shows, parades) in Disneyland.

The book also features some detail regarding the Walt Disney Pictures’ live-action adaptations, directed by Tim Burton, “Alice in Wonderland” in 2010 and its sequel in 2016. I like this book a lot as i’m a huge fan of Alice and her Wonderland! Highly recommended for any Alice’s fans out there, especially fans of the 1951 classic animated film.

What is your favourite character? I like Mad Hatter, Dodo Bird, White Rabbit a lot but my favourite has to be the Cheshire Cat! 😀

“You may have noticed that I’m not all there myself.”


Walt Disney’s Alice in Wonderland: An Illustrated Journey Through Time

Author: Mark Salisbury

Paperback: 176 pages

Publisher: Disney Editions (2016)

Language: English

Source: Book cover is from

P.S. This is the not the first Alice related book i reviewed. The 1st one is “The Art of Alice Madness Returns” and you can check it out here:

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Wacom Intuos Comic Creative Pen & Touch Tablet

I feel sad for my 5 years 5 months 15 days old Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch Tablet as it’s getting laggy. I think my almost 3 years old MacMini is also part of the problem. (Thinking about getting a new computer by the end of this year, perhaps MacBook Pro or Surface Book, we shall see!) Anyway, i decided to order a new one, a Wacom Intuos Comic Creative Pen & Touch Small Tablet (Black). Its active area is 152 x 95 cm (6.0 x 3.7 inches). Included in the box are the tablet, pen, USB cable, 3 x replacement pen nibs, software download instructions/code, quick starter guide and installation CD. It would be better if a small soft case is included. I have to order the case separately, for 19.95 USD from Amazon. What make this ‘Comic’ one different from another versions (Draw, Art, Photo) is the downloadable software pack. It comes with a Comic Pack including: Clip Studio Paint Pro and Smith Micro Anime Studio. However, i haven’t try them out yet as i already have Manga Studio 5 installed on my current computer.


  • reasonable and affortable price (4,050 THB or about 115 USD)
  • smooth working surface with grid system (dots are printed on the surface)
  • small and light, very portable to carry around (need to buy the case first)
  • with 4 customisable shortcut keys which located above the working surface
  • driver can be downloaded directly from the website and it’s easy to install


  • need to spend extra for a wireless kit (38.77 USD on Amazon) and the case
  • the pen doesn’t fit with the loop on the top side of the tablet (i was so surprised!)

Conclusion: 4.5/5

I enjoy using it so far and i don’t mind the small size because all i’m doing is touching up my scanned handmade works. If you plan to use it mainly for digital art, i recommended the bigger one (medium size) instead.

Keep Calm and Be Creative!


Source: Tablet image is from