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Higuchi Yuko Artworks

Today is such a special day, Happy¬†29th of February! ūüėÄ

I love sketching with black ink but couldn’t figured it out how to do it properly. So, i’ve been learning from the pros! Apart from Tomoko Shintani whom i’ve just reviewed her book last year, Higuchi Yuko is one of my favourite Japanese artists. I first saw her works on small notebooks (those¬†green ones in the photo below) i received as gifts from my sister.


She told me that she bought them thinking that i would like the artworks. And i did! I became Yuko’s the biggest fan and decided to bought her¬†artbook (and more things to buy i’m sure). I also have my eyes on the postcard book, so that i can send this awesomeness to my family and friends!


It¬†consists of so many beautiful artworks, making mostly with ink and watercolours, and goods that featured her works. The last part of the book is a small section on how-to and a studio tour. I highly recommended this book for not only artists out there but also cat lovers! It’s just too spectacular not to own a copy!


Higuchi Yuko Artworks

Author: Higuchi Yuko

Softcover: 160 pages

Publisher: Graphic-sha (2013)

Language: Japanese

Source: Book cover is from

Read more about Tomoko Shintani and her book at:

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Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens

I think Star Wars Episode 7 is the sequel¬†we have been waiting for… finally! ūüôā I’m so happy and did enjoyed the movie a lot. I watched it twice in the theatres. Can’t wait to see it again, waiting impatiently for a DVD/Blu-ray. All the promo materials before the movie release date made me like the Dark side but after saw the movie, i fell in love with BB-8 the new droid! I guess i’m leaning toward the Light side a bit. LOL Anyway, i think this movie is not only Star Wars fans but a fan to be… or basically everyone. ūüėÄ And you don’t have to see the previous 6 movies to understand it. However, if you did watched at least the original trilogy, you will laugh even harder. XD

Warning: Don’t try to make sense of the force and everything else in the movie… just enjoy it of what it is, Sci-fi Fantasy, and you will love it!

IMG_1955Processed with MOLDIV

(Left) Star Wars Sticker Book (Right) Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens Exhibition @ CTW


(Left) BB-8 Cap, bought from Major Cineplex (Right) From Captain Phasma Popcorn Set


(Left) Star Wars Egg Force: Stormtrooper (Right) BB-8 Keychain from Subway

Apart from all the goodies, i also bought the visual dictionary and learnt so much from it!


This book consists of photos/infographics of the characters and their details like costumes, weapons and accessories. The missing photos are of Luke Skywalker and Supreme Leader Snoke as well as a picture of unmasked Kylo Ren (well… you can found those missing photos on the internet). I really love it! It is perfect for cosplayers or artists who want to create fan artworks. Highly recommended! ūüėČ


Star Wars: The Force Awakens The Visual Dictionary

Author: Pablo Hidalgo

Hardcover: 80 pages

Publisher: DK Children (2015)

Language: English

Source: Book cover is from

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New Year, New Beginning!

Happy New Year! ūüôā

I supposed to post this on New Year Day but i was away on a trip to visit my relatives in Trang, one of the Southern provinces of Thailand. In addition, i also have an ongoing project at work. ūüė¶ What a busy New Year Holiday! Anyway, i hope you all had a wonderful time with your family and friends!

Here are my 2015 resolutions, which are pretty simple but difficult to achieve! LOL

2015 Resolutions
  1. Find a permanent job  Рfound a permanent position in March 2015
  2. Spend less, save more – saved at least 20% of salary each month, 10 months
  3. Exercise 30-40 min. a day – spent 50 min. on the elliptical every other day
  4. Create 2 artworks a month – FAIL as i was extremely busy at my new job
  5. Post 2 blog entries a month – i did it in most months but September 2015

I managed to get 4 out of 5 resolutions done! ūüėÄ Anyway, my 2015 is also a “Year of Spending”… i guess. I bought a tablet, an e-book reader, a new phone, a camera and so many toys and models (mostly Gundam and Star Wars), as well as a new laptop for my hubby. As for the resolutions, i like to keep it as simple as i can and here they are!

2016 Resolutions

  1. Find a way to join my love where he is
  2. Spend less on toys, save more money
  3. Exercise regularly and eat healthy
  4. Create new artwork each month
  5. Post one blog entry each month

I also hope this year will be a “Year of Traveling”, beginning with a trip to Taiwan in March 2016 and more to come!


Enjoy the new beginning!

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My 2016 Calendar: Classic Cartoons from around the World!

It’s another year gone by! So, a new calendar that i always give as gifts is back! Time does flies… it seems like yesterday i worked on 2015 Calendar. Unlike last year, i used a set of¬†card format instead of the desk calendar format. At first, i ordered 100 sets as usual but the design is quite popular. I had to order additional 50 sets later! ūüôā Like 2014 Calendar, the size is 4 x 6 inches with¬†1 month printed on each card, 12 cards in total. Each month is designed with one of my 4 cutie kids (Theo, Mushi, Misha, & Myra) and featured one of the classic cartoon characters from around the world. I made them in order to pay tribute to the characters i love as¬†a child. I hope you like them as much as i do! ūüėÄ

01_January_2016_sample 02_February_2016_sample 03_March_2016_sample

January to March: “Cheburashka” from Russia,¬†“The Smurfs” from Belgium, &¬†“Calimero” from Italy

04_April_2016_sample 05_May_2016_sample 06_June_2016_sample

April to June:¬†“Miffy” from Netherlands,¬†“Barbapapa” from France, &¬†“Die Sendung mit der Maus” from Germany

07_July_2016_sample 08_August_2016_sample 09_September_2016_sample

July to September:¬†“Hello Kitty” from Japan,¬†“Paddington Bear” from UK, &¬†“Pucca” from South Korea

10_October_2016_sample 11_November_2016_sample 12_December_2016_sample

October to December:¬†“The Peanuts” from USA,¬†“Pingu” from Switzerland, & “Moomin” from Finland

Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset IMG_1389

(Left) Printed 2016 Calendar with Denver Blue Bear acted as a stand!

(Right) My cutie kids: Myra, Misha, Mushi and Theo (from top to bottom)

Which month is your favourite? Mine is June! I grew up watching this cartoon as my family used to travel to Germany every year when i was a child. Btw, you can check out my previous calendar designs using links below!

2015 Calendar: Under the Big Top!

2014 Calendar: Movie Cosplay Kids!

2013 Calendar!

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tokomo & coffee Rakugaking Book

I like to sit in a coffee shop and reading or doodling. ūüôā Tomoko Shintani does the same but she took it to the next level! I found her instagram account (@tokomo) and fell in love with her works. They are simple and heartwarming. When i first saw her book, i ordered it right away and here it is, “tokomo & coffee Rakugaking Book”!


Most artworks are made with black pens but those made with watercolour are awesome! It’s a shame that¬†this book¬†won’t teach you how to draw but showed the equipments and how to photograph the artwork. I enjoy looking at her works as they made me want to create something nice too. However, i don’t think it’s¬†necessary to¬†own¬†a copy. I recommended you¬†check out¬†Tokoko’s artworks on her website or follow her on facebook and instagram. ūüėÄ


tokomo & coffee Rakugaking Book

Author: Tomoko Shintani

Softcover: 114 pages

Publisher: Graphics Inc. (2015)

Language: Japanese & English

Source: Book cover is from

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My Fluffy Friends!

Teddy Bears are always my favourite! ūüôā I actually like all kinds of animals, especially the giant fluffy ones, like bears, tigers, wolves, etc. ¬†I came across this character design company, Fluffy House Co, Ltd.¬†The first one i’ve got is the “Ordinary Bear: Who is adorably ordinary”¬†set that¬†consists of an Ordinary Bear and a Naughty Rabbit. ¬†The second one is the “Nappy Bear: Who loves eating & sleeping”¬†set that consists of a Nappy Bear and another Naughty Rabbit.¬†I ordered both sets directly from the official website, shipped from Hong Kong (paid a bit of shipping fee). Love them! ūüôā I usually warp them with handkerchiefs separately and put them in a drawstring bag. So, i can take them with me anywhere in my hand bag. They are great for toy photography!


The latest addition to my collection is the “Naughty Rabbits”¬†set that consists of 3 rabbits, two white ones and a grey one. This time, i bought them from a Toy Store, Gashabox, in Bangkok. I have to pay a little extra but don’t have to wait for it to ship from Hong Kong. They are so cute, especially the grey rabbit! It reminds me of my Mushi, the Bi Teddy. ūüėÄ Although the company’s toys are a bit pricy,¬†Fluffy House is highly recommended for those who love cutie characters!

Processed with VSCOcam with s1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with m6 preset

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My Top 10 Mobile Apps, 2015 Updated!

This is the updated version of the previous post on “My Top 10 Mobile Apps”, posted on June 2013.

These are¬†mobile applications that i use on a regular basis. I use some of them on both of my devices, iPhone 5s and iPad Mini 2.¬†I got it 10 months ago to replace my Nexus 7 (1st Gen).¬†Unfortunately, apps for Android are out of the question. ūüė¶

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Anyway, here are my top 10 mobile¬†applications. As no. 1-4 are the same as my previous post, i’m not gonna go into details.

1. Evernote

2. Wunderlist

3. Flipboard 

4. Instagram

5. Twitter (Free, Available for both IOS and Android)

After stopped using facebook for a while, Twitter becomes my everything! I use it to read news, communicate with friends, and write my thoughts. I’m following almost 350 accounts but have only 22 followers. Scrolling through the feed is the activity i do everyday on the skytrain to work. I’ve heard that there are better app for twitter out there. Suggestions are always welcome! ūüôā

6. YouTube (Free, Available for both IOS and Android)

YouTube is best thing during exercise! I watch videos on the exercise machine everyday for at least 45 minutes to an hour. The videos i watched are usually game playthroughs, tech reviews, movies/series aftershow talks, cooking shows, etc. I also enjoy listening to talk show videos in the background while working on something on my computer. Good for relaxing afternoon!

7. Issuu (Free, Available for both IOS and Android)

This app is a platform of a huge collection of free-to-read publications, especially free magazines. I found a lot of design students’ portfolios on there as well. They are pretty cool to see! Btw, i only use the free account and it’s a read and limited upload. If you want to publish unlimited files, you need to pay. As for me, i use it to read-only, so the basic subscription is good enough.

8. Spendee (Free, Available for both IOS and Android)

I switched from Saver to Spendee at the beginning of  2015. I like it more and more! The app is free with income/expense categories customization. You can use one wallet for free, which is perfect for me. Well, who needs more than one? I highly recommended it to anyone who wish to track your money inflow/outflow. I know exactly how much i spent on coffee each month!

9. AfterShip (Free, Available for both IOS and Android)

After lived in the US for a while, i’m addicted to online shopping and would like to know where are my packages. AfterShip app is¬†tracking shipments and notifying their latest statuses. It supports over 130 couriers from all over the world, of course,¬†the usual ones anyone’s¬†heard of¬†like FedEx, DHL, UPS, USPS, Thailand Post, EMS etc. Just perfect for shopaholic like me! LOL

10. iCurrency Pad (0.99 USD, Available for IOS only)

Related to the app above, i mostly do my shopping abroad… especially from, and (be sure to check this one out, if you like stuff from Japan). I have to convert currency all the time and this app is a good helping hand. It’s also pretty useful when travelling or plan a trip. I like that it shows graphs and favourite currencies can be set. Fast and super useful!

There are some apps that i use them from time to time, including “Happy Street”¬†game (No.12 on the list). Yap, i’m still play that game… since September 2012!

11. Klok (Free, Available for IOS only)

I installed this time zone converter widget for iPhone because¬†my hubby is in the Netherlands right now. On the “Today” page of notification, i can set up to 5 time zones and pick between analogue and digital clock face. I think it’s a nice addition for the notification that gives me a quick look into my hubby’s time zone when i want to communicate with him. Not the best app but quite ok.

12. Happy Street