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Dinosaur Planet Bangkok

When i was a kid, i loved dinosaurs! I read all about them, memorised their names and drew them on my school books. 😀 Anyway, I discovered that there were going to build an temporary dinosaur theme park near my office and BTS Phrom Phong. So, once it finished i decided to check it out!

The entrance fee is 600 THB for adult and 400 THB for kid. My friend and i got 50% discount coupons from a bread shop. (Spent 250 THB at the bread shop, got 1 coupon) So, we paid 300 THB each. With the ticket, you can play every attractions inside for fee, except Dino Eye (ferris wheel) and Dino Farm (dinosaur ride for kids). I tried most of the park rides/activities. They are interesting but too kid-oriented for me. If i have to pay full price, i wouldn’t have come in the first place! 600 THB is too expensive for what we’ve actually got. I recommended finding at least 30% discount coupon, then it could be worth it.

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Bangkok Entertainment Week 2015

Thailand Toy Expo 2015

Location: Central World

Ticket price: Free

I enjoyed this event a lot as i love toys but it was a bit difficult to navigate. The booths are scatter across the mall. Although i didn’t get with i was coming for (Nappy Bear by Fluffy House), i will come back for more next year! 🙂

IMG_1008 IMG_1014 IMG_1012 IMG_1011 IMG_1018 IMG_1020 IMG_1019 IMG_1027

Thailand Comic Con 2015 

Location: Paragon Hall, Siam Paragon

Ticket price: 100 THB

Although the ticket price is pretty reasonable, this event was mainly for distributors of toys, cards and games. There was nothing special for me, except Usavich and some Star Wars toys! So, i feel that it’s not a compulsory event unless you are a fan of Marvel and DC Comics. 🙂

IMG_1031 IMG_1032 IMG_1034 IMG_1035 IMG_1036 IMG_1037 IMG_1038 IMG_1044

Bangkok Comic Con 2015 x Anime Festival Asia Thailand 2015

Location: BITEC Bangna

Ticket price: 300 THB (but it’s free for me with a complimentary ticket!)

I had a lot of fun and enjoyed this event the most! 🙂 I bought postcards with my favourite character, Bloody Bunny, an eyeglasses cleaning cloth, sticker sheets and a blind box toy from Free! Eternal Summer. I would definitely coming back for next year, even if i have to pay for the ticket!

IMG_1049 IMG_1054 IMG_1056 IMG_1061 IMG_1067 IMG_1068 IMG_1071 IMG_1074

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NASA: A Human Adventure The Exhibition

The other day, i went with my hubby and a friend to an exhibition imported from USA. “NASA: A Human Adventure” is an exhibition regarding the history of space exploration which features about 350 space exploration-related objects, produced by John Nurminen Events in cooperation with NASA. The weekday ticket costs 400 THB each but i used the MRT card for underground system and got a 150 THB discount. So, i spent only 500 THB for both of us. Sweet deal for space geeks! 🙂

IMG_0444 IMG_0443

The exhibition is divided into 6 zones: Gentry, Dreamers, Go Fever, Pioneers, Endurance & Innovation. I really like the astronaut suits and space food in Endurance Zone.

IMG_0447 IMG_0451

However, the only problem we faced during our 10 am weekday visit is “kids”. There were so many school students, range from kinder garden to high school. They were sitting on the floor and writing their quiz papers everywhere. 😦 Anyway, i still recommended this exhibit to anyone who like space and astronomy!

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Denver Comic Con 2014

My hubby and me went to Denver Comic Con 2014 ( on Father’s Day (15 June 2014). We got our tickets online for 30 USD each. They are a bit expensive than we paid for last year because we bought them 2 weeks before the event. Before we went to the convention center, we prepared our lunch, sandwiches for Mee and Bi, and also brought some drinks! 😀

Mee & Bi Sandwiches Denver Comic Con 2014

The first booth we visited was Weta Workshop from New Zealand. The exhibition mainly focused on props and figures from The Hobbit. I really like them, especially the weapons used in the movie. I can’t wait to receive the 4th book from The Hobbit Chronicle which will be related to Clothes and Weapons! 🙂 Another interesting part of the convention was the cosplayers. The 501st Legion, which is an international Star Wars costuming organisation, also had a cool booth with lots of Star Wars props. I love the Darth Vader guy, even he is a bit too short! LOL

Weta Workshop Darth Vader

Unlike last year, i didn’t spend a lot at the Comic Con as we just wanted to have fun and look around. So, i got cat pins by Jenny Parks Illustration ( and a ‘Battle Royale’ print by Steam Crow ( I actually got sick the next day after the con but we had a great time at the con and looking forward to the next year event if we are still here in Denver!

Cat Pins Battle Royale print

I also went to Denver Comic Con 2013 last year and you can read about it here:

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2013 Denver Christkindl Market

My hubby and I were so excited to find out that there is a Christmas Market in downtown Denver! It is called, “Denver Christkindl Market” which organised by German-American Chamber of Commerce (GACC) every year during November 22 to December 22  ( It was a bit small but you can find not only genuine german foods like pretzels, wurst, beer, gluhwein etc. but also handmade gifts like Christmas ornaments, paper stars, candles, etc. I miss this kind of market so much as it’s the best thing about Christmas in Germany.


We walked around the market and bought a salty pretzel from a german guy. He told us that there are a lot of german people in Denver and Colorado Spring. He moved here 15 years ago and still missed the real Christmas market in Germany. I really miss Berlin! We wish we could go back for a visit sometime soon.

IMG_7249 IMG_7250

There was also a heat tent with german music and beer but it was pretty crowd so we decided to have dinner in a restaurant nearby instead. Before we left, we bought a paper star and some pretzels back home. If we are still here next year, we will definitely come back for more!

IMG_7277 IMG_7283

I also discussed more about Christmas market in Berlin on my previous post, Let’s Countdown to Christmas! ( Please feel free to check it out! Here is my holiday season master piece featuring Queen Elsa from Frozen and Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians!

Queen Elsa & Jack Frost

Btw, this post is my last post of 2013! Have a happy holidays everyone! 🙂

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Denver Comic Con 2013

Last Saturday, i went to Denver Comic Con 2013 ( at the Colorado Convention Center! It was a 3-day fan event featuring TV shows, movies, Japanese anime, gaming, cosplay, comic books, etc. I went to so many mini conventions organized in Thailand but this is my first time for a full scale Comic Con in the US. The tickets were 25 USD each for Saturday only. I bought them online as i wanted to make sure that i got them in advance. Before entering the event hall, I had to get in line and traded the ticket with a badge.

Tickets Badge

There were so many panel sessions and interesting guests. The highlight of the day was Mr. George Takei, the actor best known for his role as Hikaru Sulu in the original Star Trek. My hubby and i didn’t attend the session because there were too many people and it also required a special wristband to join. We saw many varieties of cosplaying range from Sailor Moon and Superheros to the Game of Thrones. I like the one from Umbrella Corporation, very professional! The cosplays were interesting but what interested me the most is artists’ booths. Most of them were western comic style and sold their prints. I found myself looking for illustration books for references but couldn’t find them anywhere, except for one artist, Stephanie Kao ( I really like her works but there were all computer arts, so i decided not to buy her book. I was about to buy a print from Steam Crow ( but they didn’t have the design i like in postcard size. After spent several hours there, we finally got tired and went home. I got 9 copic markers, Emperor Palpatine Lego keychain, Tokidoki’s skeleton cat figure, and Katie Cook’s Star Wars Cat poster (

Umbrella Corporation Damage

Overall, i did enjoyed myself at the Comic Con. I think that i would enjoy it more, if it will include more Japanese anime that i’m familiar with. Anyway, it was a good experience! Although this event in Colorado is not the biggest one in the US, i think it was worth going to. I hope i will have a chance to explore some of the bigger one like in San Diago or New York in the near future! 🙂