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My Fluffy Friends!

Teddy Bears are always my favourite! 🙂 I actually like all kinds of animals, especially the giant fluffy ones, like bears, tigers, wolves, etc.  I came across this character design company, Fluffy House Co, Ltd. The first one i’ve got is the “Ordinary Bear: Who is adorably ordinary” set that consists of an Ordinary Bear and a Naughty Rabbit.  The second one is the “Nappy Bear: Who loves eating & sleeping” set that consists of a Nappy Bear and another Naughty Rabbit. I ordered both sets directly from the official website, shipped from Hong Kong (paid a bit of shipping fee). Love them! 🙂 I usually warp them with handkerchiefs separately and put them in a drawstring bag. So, i can take them with me anywhere in my hand bag. They are great for toy photography!


The latest addition to my collection is the “Naughty Rabbits” set that consists of 3 rabbits, two white ones and a grey one. This time, i bought them from a Toy Store, Gashabox, in Bangkok. I have to pay a little extra but don’t have to wait for it to ship from Hong Kong. They are so cute, especially the grey rabbit! It reminds me of my Mushi, the Bi Teddy. 😀 Although the company’s toys are a bit pricy, Fluffy House is highly recommended for those who love cutie characters!

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My skeleton friend!

I recently found myself fascinated by a small piece of toy, a pose skeleton! I saw my friend has it and decided to order one for myself. My skeleton’s name is “Mr. Thong-dee” (means “Good gold”). He is an awesome model with good pose and balance. He can even stand on one foot. Pretty cool, right? I have a lot of fun playing with him.

IMG_1221 IMG_1235

As for the specifications, he is about 8.5 cm tall (Scale: 1/18) with at least 12 movable joints and an articulated jaw. He also comes with a pair of hands in case you want him to hold something. I really like to take him out with me. However, it took me quite sometime to find a container for him but i finally found a perfect one! A Lindt chocolate box, bear-shaped, is just the right size when added packing foam sheets in both partitions. To me, this looks like the Egyptian Pharaoh’s golden coffin! 🙂

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My Nendoroids by Good Smile Company

You might already knew that i collect a lot of things (Please refer to my old post about my collecting habit: but the most recent collection is designer toys. Apart from those collectable toys, i also have figures from Nendoroid series by Good Smile Company ( Nendoroid figures are made from PVC and only 10 cm tall, which designed in a super deformed style with large head and small body. What make them spacial is their exchangeable face and body parts, giving them different poses and expressions. I love them all but they are not cheap. Each usually costs around 4,000 JPY or 40 USD, so i can afford only a few of them. So far, i have 3 Nendoroid figures and here they are!

Black Butler Mikasa

1. Sebastian Michaelis, Black Butler

Sebastian is my first Nendoroid. I got him because i saw my friend picked him up from the Anime shop and i asked the shopkeeper whether he has another one for sale. He said he does, so i paid and took him home. Just like that! From that movement on, i’m in love with Nendoriod!

2. Ciel Phantomhive, Black Butler

Ciel was released when i was in Germany, so i missed him. By the time i came back, he is already sold out from the official website and very hard to find. I was so sad but my friend found him on Amazon Japan! So, i finally got him with a reasonable price from! Yay! 😀

3. Mikasa Ackerman, Attack on Titan

I ordered her from Good Smile Company’s online store. When she got here, i have to pick her up from Thailand Post. I had to paid about 400 THB or 12 USD as custom duty! T T Anyway, she is now with her friends and they will go home in the US with me at the end of February! 🙂

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My Dolls

I recently got myself into an expensive hobby! I’m interested in “Ball-jointed dolls” or BJDs since i took a trip to Japan early 2009. They are so beautiful but super expensive, especially those from Volks, Inc. Several years passed, one of my best friend started to collect BJDs and i’ve been talking to her about them. After consulted with my friend for a long time, i finally decided to get my own dolls.

Luna Sonne

Note: Photos by Opal (

The first one is a 20 cm white rabbit called, “Luna” (means “Moon” in Latin), the second one is a 26 cm boy called, “Sonne” (means “Sun” in German). Luna is Bloom model from Cute Doll Series by Spirit Doll from China, while Sonne is Lance model from General E-Line by Crobi Dolls from South Korea. They are both made from resin which can break, so i have to be very careful when i handle them. The dolls are not cheap but accessories are even more expensive. In order to play with dolls, you need eyes, wigs, clothes, shoes, and etc. Most importantly, you also need a good camera! As for now, i don’t think i can afford more than two dolls. So, i have to stick with my moon and sun! 🙂