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Wacom Intuos Comic Creative Pen & Touch Tablet

I feel sad for my 5 years 5 months 15 days old Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch Tablet as it’s getting laggy. I think my almost 3 years old MacMini is also part of the problem. (Thinking about getting a new computer by the end of this year, perhaps MacBook Pro or Surface Book, we shall see!) Anyway, i decided to order a new one, a Wacom Intuos Comic Creative Pen & Touch Small Tablet (Black). Its active area is 152 x 95 cm (6.0 x 3.7 inches). Included in the box are the tablet, pen, USB cable, 3 x replacement pen nibs, software download instructions/code, quick starter guide and installation CD. It would be better if a small soft case is included. I have to order the case separately, for 19.95 USD from Amazon. What make this ‘Comic’ one different from another versions (Draw, Art, Photo) is the downloadable software pack. It comes with a Comic Pack including: Clip Studio Paint Pro and Smith Micro Anime Studio. However, i haven’t try them out yet as i already have Manga Studio 5 installed on my current computer.


  • reasonable and affortable price (4,050 THB or about 115 USD)
  • smooth working surface with grid system (dots are printed on the surface)
  • small and light, very portable to carry around (need to buy the case first)
  • with 4 customisable shortcut keys which located above the working surface
  • driver can be downloaded directly from the website and it’s easy to install


  • need to spend extra for a wireless kit (38.77 USD on Amazon) and the case
  • the pen doesn’t fit with the loop on the top side of the tablet (i was so surprised!)

Conclusion: 4.5/5

I enjoy using it so far and i don’t mind the small size because all i’m doing is touching up my scanned handmade works. If you plan to use it mainly for digital art, i recommended the bigger one (medium size) instead.

Keep Calm and Be Creative!


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Jawbone UP2, my 2nd Activity Tracker!

I broke my first activity tracker within 6 months after started using it… Sadly enough! I loved the Misfit Flash but it was too fragile for my taste. Nonetheless, it’s a good product. You can read the review here:

My in-laws decided to get me another one and this time it’s the UP2 from Jawbone!

Pro: I like the look and feel of it. 🙂 The band is quite thin like a bracelet, so i can wear it with my watch. The band is pretty smart. It automatically detects my workout without needed to be logged manually. Moreover, “UP” on IOS is the best app of them all! Jawbone really does it right. I also benefits from the “UP Coffee” where i can track my caffeine intake and associate the data with my sleep patterns from the main app. Great feature!

Con: I have to charge it every week as the battery will last about 7-8 days in my experience. Unlike the Misfit Flash, the UP2 is only water resistant. (Showering is fine actually.) I wish the band is waterproof, so that i can swim with it.

Conclusion: 4/5

I love it! However, i wish there is a better product out there… maybe the combination of Misfit Flash/Shine and Jawbone UP2 would be a perfect one! LOL

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My Top 10 Mobile Apps, 2015 Updated!

This is the updated version of the previous post on “My Top 10 Mobile Apps”, posted on June 2013.

These are mobile applications that i use on a regular basis. I use some of them on both of my devices, iPhone 5s and iPad Mini 2. I got it 10 months ago to replace my Nexus 7 (1st Gen). Unfortunately, apps for Android are out of the question. 😦

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Anyway, here are my top 10 mobile applications. As no. 1-4 are the same as my previous post, i’m not gonna go into details.

1. Evernote

2. Wunderlist

3. Flipboard 

4. Instagram

5. Twitter (Free, Available for both IOS and Android)

After stopped using facebook for a while, Twitter becomes my everything! I use it to read news, communicate with friends, and write my thoughts. I’m following almost 350 accounts but have only 22 followers. Scrolling through the feed is the activity i do everyday on the skytrain to work. I’ve heard that there are better app for twitter out there. Suggestions are always welcome! 🙂

6. YouTube (Free, Available for both IOS and Android)

YouTube is best thing during exercise! I watch videos on the exercise machine everyday for at least 45 minutes to an hour. The videos i watched are usually game playthroughs, tech reviews, movies/series aftershow talks, cooking shows, etc. I also enjoy listening to talk show videos in the background while working on something on my computer. Good for relaxing afternoon!

7. Issuu (Free, Available for both IOS and Android)

This app is a platform of a huge collection of free-to-read publications, especially free magazines. I found a lot of design students’ portfolios on there as well. They are pretty cool to see! Btw, i only use the free account and it’s a read and limited upload. If you want to publish unlimited files, you need to pay. As for me, i use it to read-only, so the basic subscription is good enough.

8. Spendee (Free, Available for both IOS and Android)

I switched from Saver to Spendee at the beginning of  2015. I like it more and more! The app is free with income/expense categories customization. You can use one wallet for free, which is perfect for me. Well, who needs more than one? I highly recommended it to anyone who wish to track your money inflow/outflow. I know exactly how much i spent on coffee each month!

9. AfterShip (Free, Available for both IOS and Android)

After lived in the US for a while, i’m addicted to online shopping and would like to know where are my packages. AfterShip app is tracking shipments and notifying their latest statuses. It supports over 130 couriers from all over the world, of course, the usual ones anyone’s heard of like FedEx, DHL, UPS, USPS, Thailand Post, EMS etc. Just perfect for shopaholic like me! LOL

10. iCurrency Pad (0.99 USD, Available for IOS only)

Related to the app above, i mostly do my shopping abroad… especially from, and (be sure to check this one out, if you like stuff from Japan). I have to convert currency all the time and this app is a good helping hand. It’s also pretty useful when travelling or plan a trip. I like that it shows graphs and favourite currencies can be set. Fast and super useful!

There are some apps that i use them from time to time, including “Happy Street” game (No.12 on the list). Yap, i’m still play that game… since September 2012!

11. Klok (Free, Available for IOS only)

I installed this time zone converter widget for iPhone because my hubby is in the Netherlands right now. On the “Today” page of notification, i can set up to 5 time zones and pick between analogue and digital clock face. I think it’s a nice addition for the notification that gives me a quick look into my hubby’s time zone when i want to communicate with him. Not the best app but quite ok.

12. Happy Street

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Note-taking Crazy… like me!

Sorry for skipping the whole September and missing 2 posts! I had a problem with the internet at home and also busy with work as well as vacation. Today i’m back with one of my favourite note-taking tools, apart from using a traditional notebook! 🙂

I love taking notes, either with pen & paper or with computer! I’ve been using Evernote since the app was first launched on iOS. I write almost everything on there, except to-do list (which i use Wunderlist instead). With Evernote and internet access, my notes will sync across all the board. I installed Evernote on every devices i own, from iPhone, iPad, Mac Mini, to my work computer. I enjoy it so much, such a great innovation! Recently, i decided to take it to another level by updated to Evernote Plus! The paid service costs 400 THB per year (and i also got extra 3 months). I’m sure it worth every penny, only approx. 27 THB per month. This upgrade allows me to access my notes offline and add passcode lock to protect them (only on mobile app).

IMG_1675 IMG_1676

Evernote also has a Premium subscription that costs 800 THB per year. I think it works best for business. As for me, the Plus is enough! I highly recommended Evernote for everyone! You just have to start at the Basic level and it’s Free. Then, you can move up when you see fit. It’s really great tool for organising your thoughts and ideas, including managing tasks. Right now, i have more than 130 notes ranging from simple notes to artwork ideas. So, check it out and i hope you enjoy it as well as i do… although i’m a bit extreme (that’s what my hubby said). 😀



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Hair Straightener, my personal BA!

Stay beautiful, ladies! 😀 I recently got my hands on the new hair straightener by Philips and i think it’s really good. I use it after dried my hair with a normal dryer. I feel that it doesn’t damage my hair because i can adjust temperature (150, 175 and 200 C) to fit the condition of my hair. With my problematic slightly wavy and very fluffy hair, this thing will be my BA until i get hair rebonding, a straightening treatment!

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Philips Moisture Protect Straightener (HP8372)

1. Innovative Moisture Protect sensor

Diagnoses my hair 30 times per second and adapts the temperature to preserve natural hydration

2. Ionic conditioning

Prevents static for smooth, frizz free, shiny hair

3. Floating straightening plates

Apply less pressure to hair to reduce the risk of breakage

As for hair dryer, i use the Panasonic ionity Silent Design 1500 (EH5374) which is also pretty good too. 🙂

Anyway, sorry for the short review! I’ve just started working at the new office at the beginning of March and still adjusting myself to the new environment. Wish me luck!

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Misfit Flash, my 1st Activity Tracker!

I’ve been looking to buy an activity tracker for quite sometime. I was tempted by Jawbone UP24 but it’s expensive (130 USD). During Christmas last year, my hubby found a good deal for Misfit Flash on Amazon. So, we decided to give it a try and spent 50 USD for two of them (half price discount at 25 USD each). They were sent to us from the US and arrived on the 22nd of January.

Misfit Flash: Fitness + Sleep Monitor


The Flash is made of plastic and each one comes with a clip and a band. I picked the blue (Wave), while my hubby went with the white (Frost). It doesn’t look as good as Misfit’s Shire (the premium one, made of metal) but it’s small, cheap and does what we want it to do. I don’t have any trouble taking it with me anywhere. It will track my activities, including sleeping, and display the data on Misfit App which syncing via bluetooth. It uses a point base goal for each day. I just set how active i wanted to be and be active! The Flash can also tell me how long did i sleep and how restful it was. The main advantage over other fitness trackers is i can swim with it (30 m. waterproof). Pretty cool, right? 🙂

IMG_0478 IMG_0479

The app is easy to use with a lot of information. Apart from the points, it also tell me how many steps, calories burned and distance, as well as sleep quality and duration. In order to backup the data, i registered with Misfit network and added my hubby as friend so that we can motivate each other. One thing i wish the app included is a calories counter option. For now, i can only integrate the data with several other health related apps with calories intake tracker like Lose It! or My FitnessPal. Anyway, the app display data i needed and works well in general. In conclusion, the Flash is great and i like it a lot! Highly recommended for swimmers like me or any fitness geeks and gym rats! 😀


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Bumblebee, the Transformer Book

I’ve been using Macintosh for a long time, started from MacBook White, MacBook Pro and Mac Mini. After Steve Jobs’ era, Apple’s products are losing their ‘WOW’ factors! 😦 So, I decided to give Microsoft’s computer a try! While my main computer is still the Mac Mini, but a desktop, I bought ASUS Transformer Book T100 10.1″ Detachable 2-in-1 Touchscreen Laptop, 64GB for 347.99 USD from Amazon. I called it, “Bumblebee” because it’s a transformer! LOL I hope you don’t think i’m weird… i like to name my computer and my Mac Mini is called, “Baby Silver”. Anyway, i really enjoy using this new netbook that runs full version of Windows 8. It comes with Microsoft Office 2010 Home Edition which is good enough for me. I feel grateful that i got this computer because i went back to Thailand and got a job as freelance translator. The job requires special translator softwares which work best in Windows, not Mac. So far, the performance is great! I experienced memory problem (not enough ram) once but solved after restarted it. I think it’s a good computer in this price range. My hubby agrees and bought himself one as well. It’s called, “Megatron”! 🙂


If you interested in the full specification of this product, plz check: