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New Year, New Beginning!

Happy New Year! ūüôā

I supposed to post this on New Year Day but i was away on a trip to visit my relatives in Trang, one of the Southern provinces of Thailand. In addition, i also have an ongoing project at work. ūüė¶ What a busy New Year Holiday! Anyway, i hope you all had a wonderful time with your family and friends!

Here are my 2015 resolutions, which are pretty simple but difficult to achieve! LOL

2015 Resolutions
  1. Find a permanent job  Рfound a permanent position in March 2015
  2. Spend less, save more – saved at least 20% of salary each month, 10 months
  3. Exercise 30-40 min. a day – spent 50 min. on the elliptical every other day
  4. Create 2 artworks a month – FAIL as i was extremely busy at my new job
  5. Post 2 blog entries a month – i did it in most months but September 2015

I managed to get 4 out of 5 resolutions done! ūüėÄ Anyway, my 2015 is also a “Year of Spending”… i guess. I bought a tablet, an e-book reader, a new phone, a camera and so many toys and models (mostly Gundam and Star Wars), as well as a new laptop for my hubby. As for the resolutions, i like to keep it as simple as i can and here they are!

2016 Resolutions

  1. Find a way to join my love where he is
  2. Spend less on toys, save more money
  3. Exercise regularly and eat healthy
  4. Create new artwork each month
  5. Post one blog entry each month

I also hope this year will be a “Year of Traveling”, beginning with a trip to Taiwan in March 2016 and more to come!


Enjoy the new beginning!

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I do!

It¬†was my wedding anniversary yesterday (29 March). On this day 2 years ago, i married a man i love or to be precise we signed our marriage certificate. We didn’t have any ceremony or reception. It was just two of us and the magistrate in our first apartment in Denver, USA. The main reasons are that both of our parents and relatives are quite far away, next town¬†over and half way across the earth in Thailand, and we can’t go to church for a proper religious ceremony as I’m a buddhist. So, we decided to do it this way and saved a lot of money as we already paid a lot for my¬†visa and also had to pay for my¬†green card later. (If you interested, read more about it¬†at I’ve never wear a¬†wedding dress or get our pre-wedding photos taken but i’m so happy with our life together. ūüôā

Anyway, i think a¬†happy marriage doesn’t required¬†pre-wedding photoshoot, expensive dresses, or wedding reception (but a religious¬†ceremony would be nice, if applicable). Although I came from a Thai conservative family,¬†I’m so lucky that my dad understands and lets us do our way. I guess my dad had experiences with my older brothers’ big wedding receptions. He didn’t even ask for a dowry (“Sin Sod” in Thai) which normally required in Thai traditional engagement. I love you, daddy! ūüėÄ

After¬†we’ve been married for 2 years, the question we get asked a lot is when will you have a child? I’m not getting any younger and not very healthy to begin with. So, i guess we will see about that in a year or two from now. We want to be more stable and are always¬†open to the idea of childfree by choice. I don’t think we have to follow the pattern… got married, bought a house, have children etc. I believe that we can design our life and be happy! ūüėČ

Happy 2nd Anniversary, my beloved Teddy Bear!


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The Little Things around Me :)

I would like to share with you 10 things that i admire and always have them around. Most¬†of them¬†represent me, while some of them fill with memories and inspirations. Those stuff define who i am. Let get started, shall we? ūüėÄ

Photo 2-17-15, 13 41 41

1. The Night Circus

It is one of my favourite novel, written by Erin Morgenstern. The author created a fantasy world that i long for. I first spotted this book in a bookstore near Trafalgar Square. I decided to give it a try and enjoyed it a lot.

2. The Last Knight

This figure¬†is a limited edition of collectable¬†toy, designed by Andrew Bell of Dead Zebra, Inc. It is quite expensive, so it took me sometime to save up and finally bought it when i was in the US. I love it so much! ūüôā

3. Apple iPhone 5S

The piece of technology that i really like. It’s stable and work well. I’m not a huge fan of the new iPhone 6, especially the Plus, because of their sizes. Anyway, they look like the first iPhone (2G) but thinner and wider.

4. Berlin Paper Weight

It is given to me by my german guardians on their first trip to Thailand and sits on my desk. Berlin is like a second home where i’ve never lost my way. I can’t wait to go back and visit my favourite city again soon!

5. FujiFilm X100

I fall in love with this camera… at first side! This guy serve me very well, despite its slow focus. Anyway, i’m planing to switch back to DSLR soon. I’m looking to get the new Canon EOS 760D with 18-135mm kit lens.

6. Pocket Watch

I got this pocket watch from Sunday market at Brick lane. It is a souvenir from London during my second time there. This one is automatic, so all i have to do is wind it from time to time. Very classic and energy saving!

7. Plain Paper Notebook

I have to carry at least one notebook in my bag and it has to¬†be plain paper one. So, i can sketch¬†and take note on it. As i’m a note taking crazy person, some of them¬†are also served as calendar, planner and to-do.

8. Stationery

I also like to have at least a pencil in my handbag to go with the notebook because i still prefer to take note on paper. Sometime i take my pencil case which consists of pens, pencils, erasers, liners, markers and a ruler.

9. Euro Letter Opener

My brother has¬†a very cool mini sword letter opener and i want one too. I tried to find one like that but couldn’t. So, i bought this guy from¬†the head office of the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium.

10. Starbucks VIA

I love coffee and Starbucks VIA is the best instant ever! I have it with warm milk every morning, cafe con leche style. It is also my life-saver during both domestic and abroad trips. Just 29 THB/cup, cheap and good!

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Farewell, 2014!

It’s New Year’s Eve! I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday! This year, my parents are in Chiang Rai with my aunt’s family, while my hubby and i are celebrating in Bangkok. ūüôā

I have a feeling that next year will be better. What we wish for is so simple… just a stable life for both of us. I’m now working as a freelance translator but i would like to have a good permanent job, so we can both settle down here. My hubby, on the other hand, is pursuing his dream abroad which i’m very happy for. Although we have to be apart for a while, our relationship is strong. We will get through it together!

Ah… it’s time to evaluate my 2014 Resolutions and set a new goals for this upcoming 2015.

My New Year’s¬†Resolutions for 2014 (after mid-year revised)

  1. To find a job related to data and infographic РI landed myself a freelance translator job in September.
  2. To¬†prey¬†everyday and keep positive attitude –¬†I did as many times as i can but not lately…
  3. To exercise regularly РDONE!!! I exercise more after moved back to Bangkok in August.
  4. To¬†read more books –¬†Managed to read some more but not as many as i wanted to.
  5. To speed up my English writing skill by blogging РDONE!!! Total of 39 posts for the whole 2014
  6. To finish my¬†book about Berlin¬†for publication – I have to hold off for this one… it’s a shame.
  7. To create more artworks DONE!!! I finished both greeting card and 2015 Calendar!

With the¬†revised resolutions, i can manage only 3 out of 7 goals. I promise i will try my best in 2015, especially for reading and drawing. I finished only 16 books this year… too little! While i painted with copic markers more during the last 6 months¬†of 2014, they are not enough if i want to get a little¬†closer to my dream.

My 2014 Summary of Art

2014 Art Summary Part I Processed with Moldiv

Anyway, here are what i’m going do in 2015… very clear & simple… and¬†I will do my best!

My New Year’s Resolutions for 2015

  1. Find a permanent job
  2. Spend less, save more
  3. Exercise 30 minutes a day
  4. Create 2 artworks per month
  5. Post 2 blog entries per month

I will work hard toward an ultimate goal… to join my hubby where he is¬†as soon as possible! Wish me luck! ūüėÄ

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20 Interesting Facts about Me

I suppose to post a new content last Friday but i missed it! ūüė¶

I will make up for it in this month because this blog is one of my 2014 New Year Resolutions. I’m actually very busy after landed myself a translator job (English-Thai, Thai-English) with an IT localize company. I’m working as a freelancer and have to learn how to use tools for the job. They are quite complicated but i can manage them. I’m worrying¬†as i’m looking for a permanent position here in Bangkok, while my hubby is now looking for jobs elsewhere. I hope we can get through this and be together soon. A lot of things happened here at home, so i’m distracted from stuff i should do except works. My plan is to take one step at a time! ūüôā

Anyway, i would like to present you 20 facts about me, which i was tagged by my best friend and already listed them on facebook, in this post!

2o Interesting Facts about Me

1. My nickname is “Kor”. I got this name on the day i was born and adopt “Pannita” as a first name later.

2. I have two older half-brothers, a younger half-sister and a younger half-brother but i’m the only child.

3. I was born 1 month earlier than expected, weight only 1,900 grams and stayed in incubator for a while.

4. Before i got into high school, i used to follow my dad to Pattaya, Thailand’s beach city, every weekend.

5. I used to travel to Germany every year with my dad as he received tickets from agency he worked for.

6. During high school, i was a school basketball player and very popular among girls. No appeal to guys!

7. I got both Bachelor of Economics and MA in Development Economics but i really want to be an artist.

8. I can speak 4 languages, Thai (Native), English, German and Japanese, but speak only English lately.

9. I love all kind of animals, especially dogs, and wanted to be a veterinarian but i’m afraid of monkeys.

10.¬†I love stuffed animals, especially teddy bears, but i’m allergic to dust and had to get rid of them all.

11. I’m addicted to snail mails, especially postcards, and don’t like Sunday because there are no mails.

12. I’m also addicted to coffee and don’t want to have children because caffeine is off the menu. So sad!

13. Although my blood type is “O”, i’m a perfectionist which is just like my dad whose blood type is “A”.

14. I’m a designer toys and figures collector and willing to spend money on them than clothes and shoes.

15. I don’t like to wear skirt and feel more confident with pants on. So, i won’t wear it unless i need to.

16. I like to eat everything with chopsticks, especially bacon. My hubby thinks it’s very cool to do so!

17. I like bread ends and still searching for a way to bake bread ends by trying to design a baking tin.

18. I participated in Miss Air Hostess 2004 Contest and was selected as one of the last 10 participants.

19. I have a scar beside my belly button because of a surgery to fix “Intussusception” when i was one.

20.¬†I have a pair of wings tattoo on my back which inspired by tattoo artist from the movie, “The Crow”.

So, what do you think? It was quite hard to come up with these facts but i hope you found them interesting more or less! ūüėÄ

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An Eye-catching Resume

Apart from selling prints of my artworks on my online shop, i would like to find a proper job after granted the US permanent resident status on September last year. So, i decided to revamp my resume to boost my chances. I was trying to move away from traditional style which full of text and here it is, my infographic resume!

Before VS. After: Traditional VS. Infographic Resume

Before After

It took me 3 days to complete the new design. I used 3-steps approach and working with what i’ve got on my old resume. I did cut some unnecessary information out and visualised necessary data using map, chart, graph and icon. Here is how i did it!

Step I: Research and Design

I did the online research using Google to search for examples and templates. I found lots of them but selected only those ones that in line to what i was looking for (interesting but not too crazy). I loaded them into my tablet, picked up a pencil and paper and started designing it. I also read about how to visualise data in Chapter 3: Representing Data¬†in¬†Nathan Yau’s¬†“Data Points: Visualisation That Means Something”.¬†At Starbucks with a cup of coffee, i listed out the sections needed in a resume:

  • Work Experience/Careers
  • Education/Credentials
  • Competencies/Skills
  • Computer Proficiency
  • International Experience/Places
  • Languages
  • Interests/Hobbies

I drew different styles of graph and chart for each section, then picked the right designs and put them together in one page. I adjusted the combination and scales of each graphs until i was happy about the overall look of it.

Step II: Create a Resume/CV

I created the resume using Manga Studio 5 because i don’t have Photoshop or Illustrator. My canvas size is A4 and i used grid to divide the page. I separated all most every elements into separate layers and grouped them in categories based on section. I started with timeline so that i knew how much space left. I got the map and icons from the internet. As for colour theme, i picked blue, green, purple and orange instead of all black to make some information stand out. Regarding the font, i used various sizes of¬†“DINEngschrift Regular” which is the German font i really like. Basically, i made this resume using basic lines and shapes to draw text boxes, graphs and charts. I’m sure anyone can do it and don’t forget to save, just in case!

Step III: Review and Finalise

When i finished and saved it into jpg format, i asked my hubby to check spelling and grammar. I¬†also¬†sent it to my friends asking for their opinions.¬†I made changes after received comments back from them. My file was 2.4 MB and too big, so i turned the jpg into pdf file and optimised it. Now it’s 441 KB but still keep its good quality. This resume is for general application in Asia and Europe. I still need to adjust it for the US where photo, race, gender and age are not required to eliminate discrimination. Anyway, i hope you think my resume is cool and wish me luck for the job hunt! ūüėÄ

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From Denver, With Love

I would like to share with you souvenirs i collected from Denver, Colorado, USA, where i spent my last 2 years living.

1. Denver/Colorado Regional Postcards

I sent out so many regional postcards from Denver and Colorado through Postcrossing and Instagram direct swaps. I also keep 6 of them as keepsake, 3 of Denver and 3 of Colorado.

Denver/Colorado Postcards

2. USPS Colorado State Quarter and Stamp Set

While did postcrossing, I ordered postage stamps from USPS eBay store and saw this set listed on there. So, i decided to buy one.

Colorado Coin & Stamp

3. Starbucks Coffee Denver City Mug

I brought this mug back to add it to my city mug collection which consists of another one from Berlin, Germany.

Denver City Mug

4. “I See What You Mean” Mini¬†Figure

Colorado Convention Center Blue Bear is an now in display cabinet in my parents’ dining room. ūüôā

Blue Bear

5. The Chocolate Traveler: Colorado, USA

I got this chocolate tin box from The Colorado History Center and after i finished the chocolates inside. I used it to keep coins.

Chocolate Traveler