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The Art of Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo’s Super Mario Odyssey is the second big game we got for the Nintendo Switch. It is so much fun, especially trying to collect coins and power moons. I also love the concept of capturing enemies or stuff with Mario’s new friend, Cappy the Hat. There are several interesting worlds to explore. I enjoy playing this game because I love traveling and got my hands on “The Art of Super Mario Odyssey” as soon as it released.


This book is so colorful and contains lots of interesting artworks. I wish my Japanese were better, so that I could read the designer’s note on how they came up with the ideas and  made their design choices. Anyway, I love it nonetheless. There are so many rich worlds that the developers had crafted for this game. My favorite places are Metro Kingdom, Snow Kingdom and Bowser’s Kingdom. The Metro Kingdom is very similar to NYC. Since her first appearance in Donkey Kong game, Pauline is now a mayor of the city and it’s pretty cool to know that she is not a damsel in distress anymore. I also like the Snow Kingdom because of its habitats, the Shiverians. Looking just like white-coated harp seals, they are so cute and fluffy! The other place I really like is Bowser’s Kingdom. Its amazing design reminds me of why I love Japanese culture and history.

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I think this book is a great investment for me. However, I won’t recommended for those with zero knowledge of Japanese and hoping that Nintendo will release an English version of this book soon. Keep my fingers crossed! I didn’t wait for this one because I actually have to wait almost a year for the translated version on “The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild: Master Works“.


The Art of Super Mario Odyssey
Author: Nintendo
Paperback: 368 pages
Publisher: Tokuma Shoten (2018)
Language: Japanese

Source: Photos and cover are from Super Mario Odyssey JP Twitter (@mario_odysseyJP)

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Lesson learnt from “Travel Frog” Game

I recently addicted to this game, “Tabikaeru” or Travel Frog on my iPhone. Developed by a Japanese company, It is a super cute game and doesn’t required any actions or attention. I basically taking care of a frog who like to travel. I named her “Himeki” which was my old nickname my best friend gave to me when we were in school. Apart from packing a bag, putting stuff on a desk and collecting clover leaves, all I can do is waiting for my frog to go out, send some pictures and come back with small souvenirs.

Here are some photos, including the rare ones, sent to me from my girl.


However, I’m not here to review the game but instead I would like to give my thoughts after playing it for about a month. It taught me valuable lessons. Firstly, I learnt to be patient and maintain discipline. After the frog went out on trips, sometime I have to wait for days until she returned. Instead of checking the game all the time, I will open the game and collect clover leaves every 3 hours in order to get maximum benefit.

Secondly, expectation leads to suffering. I’m learning to let go of things that are beyond my control. I can’t really force my frog to do anything. She will come and go as she pleased. Most of the time she sent general pictures or came back empty-handed, so I have to stop myself from expecting a rare photo or a special souvenir every time. Of course, I’m very pleased to receive them and so far I got 3 rare photos and 5 special souvenirs.

Finally, it reminds me of my parents. As I already left home, get married and am living with my husband, I imagined that they might feel the same way. Your child has grown up and went out in the world doing his/her own thing. I feel like I understand “parents’ unconditional love” better than before. In my opinion, both players and their parents can learn a lot from this game. Parents should understand and accept who your child really is, on the other hand, a child shouldn’t forget about his/her parents. A small gift and kind words can make their day brighter. 🙂

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Bravely Second Design Works: The Art of Bravely 2013-2015

I like the 3Ds game, Bravely Default, so much that i bought the official art book and i love every single page of it! So, when the sequel came out, i was super excited. Although i haven’t play the second game yet, i decided to buy the art book right away. As of right now, “Bravely Second: End Layer” is only available in Japanese without US/EU release date yet. 😦

IMG_1256 IMG_1255 IMG_1257 IMG_1258

I love this book even more then the one from the first game because it contains more conceptual sketches, costume designs and interesting monsters!


Bravely Second Design Works: The Art of Bravely 2013-2015

Author: Square Enix

Paperback: 255 pages

Publisher: Square Enix (2015)

Language: English & Japanese

Here is the link to my review of the first book: “Bravely Default Design Works: The Art of Bravely 2010-2013”

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The Art of Alice: Madness Returns

I’m now watching several game walkthrough videos on youtube. I’ve been wanted to play those games but never have a change to do so. The best way to enjoy the games without playing is to watch gamecasters play them! 😀 Anyway, i’m not going to talk about where to watch the video (because obviously they are on youtube) but i’m going to review the art book of the game, “Alice: Madness Returns” by American McGee.

The game is awesome as well as the book! I love the distorted Wonderland and how dark it can become.The designers of this game are very good at taking “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “Through The Looking Glass” books by Lewis Carroll and drove them into madness. After Alice got released from the asylum, she went back to Wonderland for the 4th time and the Wonderland has changed according to her mental state. (Alice went to Wonderland for the 1st and 2nd time in the original books and then the 3rd time in the previous game, “American McGee’s Alice”)

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What i like the most in this book are the costume and weapon designs for Alice. In my opinion, i think they should add more concept artworks. Anyway, it’s great and i love it to the max! Highly recommended for Alice’s in Wonderland fans who also like Gothic and dark theme. 🙂


The Art of Alice: Madness Returns

Author: American McGee

Illustrator(s): Various

Hardcover: 184 pages

Publisher: Dark Horse Books (2011)

Language: English

Source: Book cover is from

*Note: Learn more about “Alice: Madness Returns” game at:

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Bravely Default Design Works: The Art of Bravely 2010-2013

After I played my hubby’s 3DS game, called “Bravely Default: Flying Fairy”, i fall in love with the design of it! 🙂 The game was fun, while backgrounds are beautiful. Characters are super cute with SD or “Super Deformed” size. I’ve been wanted to draw a better “chibi” character, so i decided to get the official art book. It consists of information on game development, character & monster design, and costume & background design.

IMG_0170 IMG_0171 IMG_0172 IMG_0173

I got it for about 40 USD. The book itself is pretty large and thick. I feel like it’s a good reference book. Anyway, i can’t wait to play the direct sequel, called “Bravely Second”! 😀

Ps. I’ve heard that the demo of new game will get a demo on December 10th in Japan!


Bravely Default Design Works: The Art of Bravely 2010-2013

Author: Square Enix

Paperback: 255 pages

Publisher: Square Enix (2013)

Language: English & Japanese