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Marker VS. Watercolor (Part 2)

In my last post, I gave my thoughts on the watercolor.

I would like to share my opinion on coloring with alcohol-based markers. About 10 years ago, I found out about them through my friend and fell in love right away! There are 3 types of markers: Classic, Sketch, Ciao and Wide. For illustrators, I recommended either Sketch or Ciao because of their brush nibs. Although they are expensive, I managed to pick one 72pc Ciao Set and another 72pc Ciao Set later on. (Yes, I own both Set A and Set B of Ciao markers. There are 180 colors of Ciao and I have 144 of them.) As a Ciao marker is smaller (regarding to an ink barrel) than a sketch one, therefore they are cheaper. After I returned to Thailand from 2 years with 2 Ciao set in Germany, I bought more Sketch markers, as well as some refills, and accumulate them as time goes by.

The markers become my main and favorite medium of art. The best way to avoid streaks, I need to move the brush in small circle strokes. Due to this painting technique, markers are suitable for a small piece of artwork. I think they fit with my style (and short temper) very well. However, in order to paint and blend properly with markers, I still have to be as patient as when I’m using watercolor. Even though I’m picking up watercolor, marker is still going to play a big part in my life as an illustrator.


The paper that I normally use is not a marker pad but a watercolor paper pad from Canson, “XL Watercolor” (300g, 9 x 12 inches, 30 sheets), which only sold in North America. When I need more, I have to ask my hubby’s parents to ship them from the US. I inked my sketch, using dip pen with DELETER’s Black Ink No. 2 (deep dark black, dry quickly, and best for alcohol based marker).

The one advantage that copic markers have over other brands is “Copic Collection” application (Free, available for iOS and android). This app allows me to keep track of my marker collection and shows which types, colors, refills I already have.


Copic Marker


  • Dry quickly, possible to layer right away
  • Available in 358 vibrant colors
  • COPIC Collection app is useful


  • Expensive, both the markers and their refills
  • Not portable, unless you carry only a few
  • Hard to find tutorial courses and books
  • Bleed through most paper

The Copic marker set that I used:

Official Copic Marker websites:
– English (USA)
– Japanese

For dip pen and ink I used, check out DELETER Manga Shop here:

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Marker VS. Watercolor (Part 1)

I have to confess that I don’t have to courage to get out of my comfort zone when it comes to art! I always have a hard time with watercolor but with my best friend’s invitation, I decided to take a watercolor course, “Food with ideas” with Daily Draw Studio. This is my latest attempt to give it a go.

I had several attempts to improve it (and failed) over years of my life as an illustrator, although Watercolor is my weakest point. When I was little, my dad bought me a tin box of 80 watercolor pencils from Caran D’ache but I mostly used them as coloring pencils. My first real watercolor set is a 24 colors tube set from Sakura, which was required for my junior high school art class. My second set, I bought by myself, is also a tube set of 18 colors by Pentel. However, I fell in love with Too’s Copic markers and their vibrant colors. So, I stopped using watercolor for a long while.

As time goes by, I grew tired of the markers and decided to start again with Cotman 24 colors half pan set from Winsor & Newton, bought when I was living in the US. The set has been with me for about 5 years now. Even though it’s a student grade, I think it’s just right for a beginner like me. I also brought and used it in my watercolor course. After 3 classes, they actually made me like watercolor more and more! I can’t wait to practice and become better at it.


My favorite watercolor paper is “Canson Aquarelle” watercolor pad (250g, A5 or A4 size, 12 sheets). Recently, my dad also got me a set of “Gansai” or traditional Japanese watercolor with full pan 36 colors. I will give it a try soon.




  • Flexible, mix to get the wanted colors
  • Portable, paint anywhere with water brush pens
  • Easy to find tutorial courses and books
  • Cheaper then markers


  • Take more time to dry, need to be patient
  • Hard to get the right colors (at least for me)
  • Water is always messy, easily rue the paper

Winser & Newton Cotman Watercolor Palette that I used:

Daily Draw Studio’s facebook page:

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My 2016 Calendar: Classic Cartoons from around the World!

It’s another year gone by! So, a new calendar that i always give as gifts is back! Time does flies… it seems like yesterday i worked on 2015 Calendar. Unlike last year, i used a set of card format instead of the desk calendar format. At first, i ordered 100 sets as usual but the design is quite popular. I had to order additional 50 sets later! 🙂 Like 2014 Calendar, the size is 4 x 6 inches with 1 month printed on each card, 12 cards in total. Each month is designed with one of my 4 cutie kids (Theo, Mushi, Misha, & Myra) and featured one of the classic cartoon characters from around the world. I made them in order to pay tribute to the characters i love as a child. I hope you like them as much as i do! 😀

01_January_2016_sample 02_February_2016_sample 03_March_2016_sample

January to March: “Cheburashka” from Russia, “The Smurfs” from Belgium, & “Calimero” from Italy

04_April_2016_sample 05_May_2016_sample 06_June_2016_sample

April to June: “Miffy” from Netherlands, “Barbapapa” from France, & “Die Sendung mit der Maus” from Germany

07_July_2016_sample 08_August_2016_sample 09_September_2016_sample

July to September: “Hello Kitty” from Japan, “Paddington Bear” from UK, & “Pucca” from South Korea

10_October_2016_sample 11_November_2016_sample 12_December_2016_sample

October to December: “The Peanuts” from USA, “Pingu” from Switzerland, & “Moomin” from Finland

Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset IMG_1389

(Left) Printed 2016 Calendar with Denver Blue Bear acted as a stand!

(Right) My cutie kids: Myra, Misha, Mushi and Theo (from top to bottom)

Which month is your favourite? Mine is June! I grew up watching this cartoon as my family used to travel to Germany every year when i was a child. Btw, you can check out my previous calendar designs using links below!

2015 Calendar: Under the Big Top!

2014 Calendar: Movie Cosplay Kids!

2013 Calendar!

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My Zodiac Signs

I guess you all know about 12 signs of Zodiac but may not know about Chinese ones. I was born in March, so my sign is Pisces. A website stated that Pisces secret desire is “To live their dreams and turn fantasies into realities“. So true! I really like how it described Pisceans like me, which are very close to what i am… spend time battling “Confusing” conditions, torn between two pathways in life, have my own form of ‘fantasy land’, and need to take lots of holidays (or time off) to recover from life’s many diverse pressures. Might sounds like a very sensitive sign but i think i’m a practical person. So, i should be fine. 🙂

Like the western ones, there are also 12 signs of Chinese Zodiac. It is a repeating cycle of 12 years, represented by 12 animals: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. My Chinese Zodiac sign is derived from my birth year, according to the Chinese lunar calendar. I was born in the year of dog, so i’m a doggy with honesty and royalty! 😀

Processed with Moldiv

I hope you like my artworks of Chinese Zodiac signs above, and you can check out yours here:

Read more about Pisces here:

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I do!

It was my wedding anniversary yesterday (29 March). On this day 2 years ago, i married a man i love or to be precise we signed our marriage certificate. We didn’t have any ceremony or reception. It was just two of us and the magistrate in our first apartment in Denver, USA. The main reasons are that both of our parents and relatives are quite far away, next town over and half way across the earth in Thailand, and we can’t go to church for a proper religious ceremony as I’m a buddhist. So, we decided to do it this way and saved a lot of money as we already paid a lot for my visa and also had to pay for my green card later. (If you interested, read more about it at I’ve never wear a wedding dress or get our pre-wedding photos taken but i’m so happy with our life together. 🙂

Anyway, i think a happy marriage doesn’t required pre-wedding photoshoot, expensive dresses, or wedding reception (but a religious ceremony would be nice, if applicable). Although I came from a Thai conservative family, I’m so lucky that my dad understands and lets us do our way. I guess my dad had experiences with my older brothers’ big wedding receptions. He didn’t even ask for a dowry (“Sin Sod” in Thai) which normally required in Thai traditional engagement. I love you, daddy! 😀

After we’ve been married for 2 years, the question we get asked a lot is when will you have a child? I’m not getting any younger and not very healthy to begin with. So, i guess we will see about that in a year or two from now. We want to be more stable and are always open to the idea of childfree by choice. I don’t think we have to follow the pattern… got married, bought a house, have children etc. I believe that we can design our life and be happy! 😉

Happy 2nd Anniversary, my beloved Teddy Bear!


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Warmest (literally) Christmas in Thailand


Warmest thoughts and best wishes on this wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year 2015!

This year, my hubby and i, celebrated in my hometown, Bangkok, with my family which included my older brother and his family. Our family always have dinner together on Christmas Eve (the evening of the 24th), while my hubby’s family in the US are celebrating on the 25th. Anyway, i hope you all have a Happy Holiday! Wish you lots of love, joy and happiness! 😀

Processed with VSCOcam with m6 preset IMG_0303

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Self-taught Artist Like Me!

I’ve been drawing since i was a child and never stop. Well… it doesn’t mean that i’m a better artist. There were times that i stopped drawing completely for years. I was trying to find myself but i came back to drawing in the end. I like to paint with copic markers and here is how i do it! 🙂

“Self-taught” step-by-step to colouring with copic markers

IMG_9433 IMG_9434

(Left) Skin tone: E11

(Right) Skin tone: E01

IMG_9435 IMG_9436

(Left) Skin tone: E0000

(Right) Eyes & lips (

IMG_9437 IMG_9438

(Left) Hair: E83

(Right) Hair: E64

IMG_9439 IMG_9440

(Left) Hair: E43

(Right) Shirt, hair band

IMG_9442 IMG_9447

(Left) Background: BV000

(Right) Finished!