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Higuchi Yuko Artworks

Today is such a special day, Happy 29th of February! 😀

I love sketching with black ink but couldn’t figured it out how to do it properly. So, i’ve been learning from the pros! Apart from Tomoko Shintani whom i’ve just reviewed her book last year, Higuchi Yuko is one of my favourite Japanese artists. I first saw her works on small notebooks (those green ones in the photo below) i received as gifts from my sister.


She told me that she bought them thinking that i would like the artworks. And i did! I became Yuko’s the biggest fan and decided to bought her artbook (and more things to buy i’m sure). I also have my eyes on the postcard book, so that i can send this awesomeness to my family and friends!


It consists of so many beautiful artworks, making mostly with ink and watercolours, and goods that featured her works. The last part of the book is a small section on how-to and a studio tour. I highly recommended this book for not only artists out there but also cat lovers! It’s just too spectacular not to own a copy!


Higuchi Yuko Artworks

Author: Higuchi Yuko

Softcover: 160 pages

Publisher: Graphic-sha (2013)

Language: Japanese

Source: Book cover is from

Read more about Tomoko Shintani and her book at:



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