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My 2016 Calendar: Classic Cartoons from around the World!

It’s another year gone by! So, a new calendar that i always give as gifts is back! Time does flies… it seems like yesterday i worked on 2015 Calendar. Unlike last year, i used a set of card format instead of the desk calendar format. At first, i ordered 100 sets as usual but the design is quite popular. I had to order additional 50 sets later! 🙂 Like 2014 Calendar, the size is 4 x 6 inches with 1 month printed on each card, 12 cards in total. Each month is designed with one of my 4 cutie kids (Theo, Mushi, Misha, & Myra) and featured one of the classic cartoon characters from around the world. I made them in order to pay tribute to the characters i love as a child. I hope you like them as much as i do! 😀

01_January_2016_sample 02_February_2016_sample 03_March_2016_sample

January to March: “Cheburashka” from Russia, “The Smurfs” from Belgium, & “Calimero” from Italy

04_April_2016_sample 05_May_2016_sample 06_June_2016_sample

April to June: “Miffy” from Netherlands, “Barbapapa” from France, & “Die Sendung mit der Maus” from Germany

07_July_2016_sample 08_August_2016_sample 09_September_2016_sample

July to September: “Hello Kitty” from Japan, “Paddington Bear” from UK, & “Pucca” from South Korea

10_October_2016_sample 11_November_2016_sample 12_December_2016_sample

October to December: “The Peanuts” from USA, “Pingu” from Switzerland, & “Moomin” from Finland

Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset IMG_1389

(Left) Printed 2016 Calendar with Denver Blue Bear acted as a stand!

(Right) My cutie kids: Myra, Misha, Mushi and Theo (from top to bottom)

Which month is your favourite? Mine is June! I grew up watching this cartoon as my family used to travel to Germany every year when i was a child. Btw, you can check out my previous calendar designs using links below!

2015 Calendar: Under the Big Top!

2014 Calendar: Movie Cosplay Kids!

2013 Calendar!



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