[Book] tokomo & coffee Rakugaking Book

I like to sit in a coffee shop and reading or doodling. 🙂 Tomoko Shintani does the same but she took it to the next level! I found her instagram account (@tokomo) and fell in love with her works. They are simple and heartwarming. When i first saw her book, i ordered it right away and here it is, “tokomo & coffee Rakugaking Book”!


Most artworks are made with black pens but those made with watercolour are awesome! It’s a shame that this book won’t teach you how to draw but showed the equipments and how to photograph the artwork. I enjoy looking at her works as they made me want to create something nice too. However, i don’t think it’s necessary to own a copy. I recommended you check out Tokoko’s artworks on her website or follow her on facebook and instagram. 😀


tokomo & coffee Rakugaking Book

Author: Tomoko Shintani

Softcover: 114 pages

Publisher: Graphics Inc. (2015)

Language: Japanese & English

Source: Book cover is from Amazon.co.jp



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