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My Top 10 Mobile Apps, 2015 Updated!

This is the updated version of the previous post on “My Top 10 Mobile Apps”, posted on June 2013.

These are mobile applications that i use on a regular basis. I use some of them on both of my devices, iPhone 5s and iPad Mini 2. I got it 10 months ago to replace my Nexus 7 (1st Gen). Unfortunately, apps for Android are out of the question. 😦

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Anyway, here are my top 10 mobile applications. As no. 1-4 are the same as my previous post, i’m not gonna go into details.

1. Evernote

2. Wunderlist

3. Flipboard 

4. Instagram

5. Twitter (Free, Available for both IOS and Android)

After stopped using facebook for a while, Twitter becomes my everything! I use it to read news, communicate with friends, and write my thoughts. I’m following almost 350 accounts but have only 22 followers. Scrolling through the feed is the activity i do everyday on the skytrain to work. I’ve heard that there are better app for twitter out there. Suggestions are always welcome! 🙂

6. YouTube (Free, Available for both IOS and Android)

YouTube is best thing during exercise! I watch videos on the exercise machine everyday for at least 45 minutes to an hour. The videos i watched are usually game playthroughs, tech reviews, movies/series aftershow talks, cooking shows, etc. I also enjoy listening to talk show videos in the background while working on something on my computer. Good for relaxing afternoon!

7. Issuu (Free, Available for both IOS and Android)

This app is a platform of a huge collection of free-to-read publications, especially free magazines. I found a lot of design students’ portfolios on there as well. They are pretty cool to see! Btw, i only use the free account and it’s a read and limited upload. If you want to publish unlimited files, you need to pay. As for me, i use it to read-only, so the basic subscription is good enough.

8. Spendee (Free, Available for both IOS and Android)

I switched from Saver to Spendee at the beginning of  2015. I like it more and more! The app is free with income/expense categories customization. You can use one wallet for free, which is perfect for me. Well, who needs more than one? I highly recommended it to anyone who wish to track your money inflow/outflow. I know exactly how much i spent on coffee each month!

9. AfterShip (Free, Available for both IOS and Android)

After lived in the US for a while, i’m addicted to online shopping and would like to know where are my packages. AfterShip app is tracking shipments and notifying their latest statuses. It supports over 130 couriers from all over the world, of course, the usual ones anyone’s heard of like FedEx, DHL, UPS, USPS, Thailand Post, EMS etc. Just perfect for shopaholic like me! LOL

10. iCurrency Pad (0.99 USD, Available for IOS only)

Related to the app above, i mostly do my shopping abroad… especially from, and (be sure to check this one out, if you like stuff from Japan). I have to convert currency all the time and this app is a good helping hand. It’s also pretty useful when travelling or plan a trip. I like that it shows graphs and favourite currencies can be set. Fast and super useful!

There are some apps that i use them from time to time, including “Happy Street” game (No.12 on the list). Yap, i’m still play that game… since September 2012!

11. Klok (Free, Available for IOS only)

I installed this time zone converter widget for iPhone because my hubby is in the Netherlands right now. On the “Today” page of notification, i can set up to 5 time zones and pick between analogue and digital clock face. I think it’s a nice addition for the notification that gives me a quick look into my hubby’s time zone when i want to communicate with him. Not the best app but quite ok.

12. Happy Street



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