[Tech] Note-taking Crazy… like me!

Sorry for skipping the whole September and missing 2 posts! I had a problem with the internet at home and also busy with work as well as vacation. Today i’m back with one of my favourite note-taking tools, apart from using a traditional notebook! 🙂

I love taking notes, either with pen & paper or with computer! I’ve been using Evernote since the app was first launched on iOS. I write almost everything on there, except to-do list (which i use Wunderlist instead). With Evernote and internet access, my notes will sync across all the board. I installed Evernote on every devices i own, from iPhone, iPad, Mac Mini, to my work computer. I enjoy it so much, such a great innovation! Recently, i decided to take it to another level by updated to Evernote Plus! The paid service costs 400 THB per year (and i also got extra 3 months). I’m sure it worth every penny, only approx. 27 THB per month. This upgrade allows me to access my notes offline and add passcode lock to protect them (only on mobile app).

IMG_1675 IMG_1676

Evernote also has a Premium subscription that costs 800 THB per year. I think it works best for business. As for me, the Plus is enough! I highly recommended Evernote for everyone! You just have to start at the Basic level and it’s Free. Then, you can move up when you see fit. It’s really great tool for organising your thoughts and ideas, including managing tasks. Right now, i have more than 130 notes ranging from simple notes to artwork ideas. So, check it out and i hope you enjoy it as well as i do… although i’m a bit extreme (that’s what my hubby said). 😀


Source: http://www.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk/



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