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My Water Bottles

Water is essential! I often have a headache when i’m dehydrated, so i like to keep a bottle of water nearby. Here are the bottles/tumblers i used on a regular basis.

1. A5 Memobottle Reusable Slim Water Bottle

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The cool bottle is a new addition to my collection. I love how slim and small it is! It fits perfectly in my crossbody bag. Apart from the black cap (in the photo), it came with 2 spare ones (white and green). The only disadvantage i found so far is the weight on my shoulder when i filled it with water and put in my bag. Overall, awesome design with great function! 🙂

2. Starbucks Stainless Steel Sunny Bottle

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This one is from Starbucks Coffee Japan. I got it from eBay, shipped directly from Japan. It designed for summer because i can open in the middle and put ice cubes in it! If you own one, all you need to be careful is not to loss the silicone ring inside the bottle because that’s what seal the water. I enjoy using it during short trips out of town as it is easy to fill and clean!

3. Zojirushi Stainless Drink Bottle 300 ml

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I bought it to replace the one i already have which my dad took it and used everyday. I like the smaller one anyway, so that works for both of us. This is the only thermo bottle in my collection and also the smallest one. I use it from time to time because it’s a bit difficult to fit ice cubes. I actually have a special ice tray with for it. It fits the side of my new backpack perfectly!

4. Sigg Design Water Bottle 0.6 L Peacock

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The Sigg bottles were very popular in Europe when i was studying in Germany. I bought one for cycling in the city and daily use at the university. It is light but strong and won’t break if you drop it. What i dislike about this bottle is Sigg wants you to clean it with its cleaning tablet which is hard to find here. However, the alternative is to use vinegar and baking soda mix.

5. Rubbermaid 400 ml

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I keep this one at work and refill it twice a day. I initially got it for working out when i was a member at the gym near my first office. So, it is at least 7 years old but still solid. This bottle may not be the most attractive bottle i can find in the market at that time but i like it a lot. It does the job and is easy to clean. Pretty affordable and durable for a plastic bottle! 😀



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