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Purse? Wallet?

After 3 years of using Fossil wallet, i decided to get a new one! So, i decided to get a Houndstooth Small Zip Purse from Fred Perry. The reason why i went with smaller wallet is because i don’t need to carry too many membership cards. Nowadays, we can use phone number to collect points instead.


Although i have to fold the banknotes, I like it a lot because of how small it is. Another downside is that it’s not a real leather but a polyurethane. I guess we will see after a year of use how durable it is.

IMG_1365 IMG_1364

I’ve been using so many design of wallets and purses but still prefer this kind (over a long one women like to use). In conclusion, i like it a lot but the coin compartment is a little too small. However, i always remove big coins and put them in my piggybank everyday! 🙂



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