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My Top 10 Favourite Japanese Anime Series of All Time

I enjoy watching Japanese anime series since i was a little girl. Here are some of my favourites ranging from the newest to the oldest (released year).

1. Death Parade (2015)


The concept of the anime is amazing as human souls are forced to play a dead games which push them to their limits in order to reveal their true natures. It shows how complicated human minds can be and that’s what i like about it! I also learnt an important lessen that we all should value our lives.

2. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (2014)


It’s very funny and entertaining anime i’ve ever watched! The story is centred around a high school manga writer and his circle of friends. It might started as a high school drama but ended up being a comedy. I often use this series for stress relief. Highly recommended, so just go and check it out!

3. Psycho-Pass (2012)


This sci-fi anime is original and so cool. It sets in the future where Japan is a closed country and using the system to measure citizens’ psychological data in order to judge tendency to commit crime and prevent it. If you like “The Minority Report” by Philip K. Dick, you will definitely like this one!

4. Yumeiro Patissiere (2009)


This one is a heart warming story about a girl who is following her dream to become a pastry chef. I enjoy the series so much. It’s such a spirit lifting story that i usually watch it when i’m feeling down. It also helps me to learn some basic Japanese. I’m sure any sweet lovers will love this one! 😀

5. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009)


It’s a sci-fi fantasy anime that sets in an alternate universe where Alchemy works and philosopher’s stone exists. The story is centred around alchemist brothers who are researching on how to retrieve what are their back from the other side and forced to work for a military government for funding.

6. Natsume Yuujinchou (2008)


Like his late grandmother, Reiko, Natsume can see spirits and inherits her  “Book of Friends” that contains spirits’ name. He is determined to free them from contracts by returning their names with the help of a spirit cat, Nyanko-Sensei. I like cats, especially big ones! Anyway, this anime is laid-back and funny.

7. Mononoke (2007)


It’s about the medicine seller who dealing with vengeful spirits or “Mononoke” by learning about the its truth, form and regret. This anime has a very striking art style. Although the styling is very colourful, the stories are pretty scary! Recommended for fans of ghost and horror story.

8. Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (2007)


Who doesn’t like Gundam! I’m one of Gundam’s fans. This is my favourite series among this franchise because it’s related to international conflicts and politics. In this universe, an organisation is using Gundams, the most  superior technology, as tools to stop any wars on earth. Super cool, isn’t it! 🙂

9. Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World (2003)


Kino is a traveller who visiting countries after countries with a talking motorbike. They stay for only 3 days to  observe the locals and cultures. I think it is unique and intriguing. The anime made me think more about human and their societies. The world is not beautiful, therefore it is!

10. The Twelve Kingdoms (2002)


It sets in a world, inspired by Chinese mythology, where there are twelve kingdoms ruled by a chosen leader. The story is centred around a high school girl who is transported to this world with her classmates. I feel that the anime is too short and would like to read the original light novels by Ono Fuyumi.




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