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I do!

It was my wedding anniversary yesterday (29 March). On this day 2 years ago, i married a man i love or to be precise we signed our marriage certificate. We didn’t have any ceremony or reception. It was just two of us and the magistrate in our first apartment in Denver, USA. The main reasons are that both of our parents and relatives are quite far away, next town over and half way across the earth in Thailand, and we can’t go to church for a proper religious ceremony as I’m a buddhist. So, we decided to do it this way and saved a lot of money as we already paid a lot for my visa and also had to pay for my green card later. (If you interested, read more about it at I’ve never wear a wedding dress or get our pre-wedding photos taken but i’m so happy with our life together. 🙂

Anyway, i think a happy marriage doesn’t required pre-wedding photoshoot, expensive dresses, or wedding reception (but a religious ceremony would be nice, if applicable). Although I came from a Thai conservative family, I’m so lucky that my dad understands and lets us do our way. I guess my dad had experiences with my older brothers’ big wedding receptions. He didn’t even ask for a dowry (“Sin Sod” in Thai) which normally required in Thai traditional engagement. I love you, daddy! 😀

After we’ve been married for 2 years, the question we get asked a lot is when will you have a child? I’m not getting any younger and not very healthy to begin with. So, i guess we will see about that in a year or two from now. We want to be more stable and are always open to the idea of childfree by choice. I don’t think we have to follow the pattern… got married, bought a house, have children etc. I believe that we can design our life and be happy! 😉

Happy 2nd Anniversary, my beloved Teddy Bear!




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