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Misfit Flash, my 1st Activity Tracker!

I’ve been looking to buy an activity tracker for quite sometime. I was tempted by Jawbone UP24 but it’s expensive (130 USD). During Christmas last year, my hubby found a good deal for Misfit Flash on Amazon. So, we decided to give it a try and spent 50 USD for two of them (half price discount at 25 USD each). They were sent to us from the US and arrived on the 22nd of January.

Misfit Flash: Fitness + Sleep Monitor


The Flash is made of plastic and each one comes with a clip and a band. I picked the blue (Wave), while my hubby went with the white (Frost). It doesn’t look as good as Misfit’s Shire (the premium one, made of metal) but it’s small, cheap and does what we want it to do. I don’t have any trouble taking it with me anywhere. It will track my activities, including sleeping, and display the data on Misfit App which syncing via bluetooth. It uses a point base goal for each day. I just set how active i wanted to be and be active! The Flash can also tell me how long did i sleep and how restful it was. The main advantage over other fitness trackers is i can swim with it (30 m. waterproof). Pretty cool, right? 🙂

IMG_0478 IMG_0479

The app is easy to use with a lot of information. Apart from the points, it also tell me how many steps, calories burned and distance, as well as sleep quality and duration. In order to backup the data, i registered with Misfit network and added my hubby as friend so that we can motivate each other. One thing i wish the app included is a calories counter option. For now, i can only integrate the data with several other health related apps with calories intake tracker like Lose It! or My FitnessPal. Anyway, the app display data i needed and works well in general. In conclusion, the Flash is great and i like it a lot! Highly recommended for swimmers like me or any fitness geeks and gym rats! 😀




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