[Craft] Woodcut Printing

Apart from hand-carved eraser and lino sheet stamps, i’m also interested in woodcut printing technique and took a workshop with “The Factory Studio and Art House” back in 2012. It was interesting and fun! 🙂

IMG_3535 IMG_3537

I decided to go with a coffee press design, then traced it on a piece of wood and carved it out.

IMG_3538 IMG_3541

After i was done with the carving, i printed it on several pieces of paper using printing press.

IMG_3539 IMG_3542

The print is very cool and has a unique pattern which is a spacial quality of woodcut printing. The print on the left is my friend’s Venice. Pretty cool, isn’t it? I wish i could make something like that and one day turn it into postcards for Postcrossing!

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