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Self-taught Artist Like Me!

I’ve been drawing since i was a child and never stop. Well… it doesn’t mean that i’m a better artist. There were times that i stopped drawing completely for years. I was trying to find myself but i came back to drawing in the end. I like to paint with copic markers and here is how i do it! 🙂

“Self-taught” step-by-step to colouring with copic markers

IMG_9433 IMG_9434

(Left) Skin tone: E11

(Right) Skin tone: E01

IMG_9435 IMG_9436

(Left) Skin tone: E0000

(Right) Eyes & lips (

IMG_9437 IMG_9438

(Left) Hair: E83

(Right) Hair: E64

IMG_9439 IMG_9440

(Left) Hair: E43

(Right) Shirt, hair band

IMG_9442 IMG_9447

(Left) Background: BV000

(Right) Finished!



INTJ / Economist (by learning) / Illustrator (by trying) / Bookworm / Coffeeholic / Toy Collector / Gamer

One thought on “Self-taught Artist Like Me!

  1. I think I need more time or better instruction, but the finished product is rather nice. Ironically, someone else had a similar piece posted above this one.

    I am not skilled with markers. I am still stumbling with pencil and pen. I get nervous when using permanent ink yet hate smudging my pencils. It’s all nerves and what’s going on in my busy, lonely head.

    If this is the product of just coming back to drawing and not thinking much of yourself, cripes, what were you drawing when you started? My work seems primitive in comparison.

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