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My 2015 Calendar: Under the Big Top!

Sorry! 😦 I feel really bad that i haven’t post anything for a long time… about a month and a half or 5 expected posts! Anyway, my hubby is here with me in Bangkok. So, we’ve been travelling a lot. I also had been working on my new calendar design for upcoming 2015 and here it is!







I finished the design yesterday and already submitted to the print shop. For this year, it’s a 6 x 8 inches desk calendar. I ordered 100 sets and they should be done within 7 working days. Can’t wait to see the final product and give them out as gifts for my friends and family! 😀


PS. I will also put some of them for sale in my online store “Matryoshka Husky by Pannita M.” at Stay tuned!



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