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Bumblebee, the Transformer Book

I’ve been using Macintosh for a long time, started from MacBook White, MacBook Pro and Mac Mini. After Steve Jobs’ era, Apple’s products are losing their ‘WOW’ factors! 😦 So, I decided to give Microsoft’s computer a try! While my main computer is still the Mac Mini, but a desktop, I bought ASUS Transformer Book T100 10.1″ Detachable 2-in-1 Touchscreen Laptop, 64GB for 347.99 USD from Amazon. I called it, “Bumblebee” because it’s a transformer! LOL I hope you don’t think i’m weird… i like to name my computer and my Mac Mini is called, “Baby Silver”. Anyway, i really enjoy using this new netbook that runs full version of Windows 8. It comes with Microsoft Office 2010 Home Edition which is good enough for me. I feel grateful that i got this computer because i went back to Thailand and got a job as freelance translator. The job requires special translator softwares which work best in Windows, not Mac. So far, the performance is great! I experienced memory problem (not enough ram) once but solved after restarted it. I think it’s a good computer in this price range. My hubby agrees and bought himself one as well. It’s called, “Megatron”! 🙂


If you interested in the full specification of this product, plz check:



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