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20 Interesting Facts about Me

I suppose to post a new content last Friday but i missed it! 😦

I will make up for it in this month because this blog is one of my 2014 New Year Resolutions. I’m actually very busy after landed myself a translator job (English-Thai, Thai-English) with an IT localize company. I’m working as a freelancer and have to learn how to use tools for the job. They are quite complicated but i can manage them. I’m worrying as i’m looking for a permanent position here in Bangkok, while my hubby is now looking for jobs elsewhere. I hope we can get through this and be together soon. A lot of things happened here at home, so i’m distracted from stuff i should do except works. My plan is to take one step at a time! 🙂

Anyway, i would like to present you 20 facts about me, which i was tagged by my best friend and already listed them on facebook, in this post!

2o Interesting Facts about Me

1. My nickname is “Kor”. I got this name on the day i was born and adopt “Pannita” as a first name later.

2. I have two older half-brothers, a younger half-sister and a younger half-brother but i’m the only child.

3. I was born 1 month earlier than expected, weight only 1,900 grams and stayed in incubator for a while.

4. Before i got into high school, i used to follow my dad to Pattaya, Thailand’s beach city, every weekend.

5. I used to travel to Germany every year with my dad as he received tickets from agency he worked for.

6. During high school, i was a school basketball player and very popular among girls. No appeal to guys!

7. I got both Bachelor of Economics and MA in Development Economics but i really want to be an artist.

8. I can speak 4 languages, Thai (Native), English, German and Japanese, but speak only English lately.

9. I love all kind of animals, especially dogs, and wanted to be a veterinarian but i’m afraid of monkeys.

10. I love stuffed animals, especially teddy bears, but i’m allergic to dust and had to get rid of them all.

11. I’m addicted to snail mails, especially postcards, and don’t like Sunday because there are no mails.

12. I’m also addicted to coffee and don’t want to have children because caffeine is off the menu. So sad!

13. Although my blood type is “O”, i’m a perfectionist which is just like my dad whose blood type is “A”.

14. I’m a designer toys and figures collector and willing to spend money on them than clothes and shoes.

15. I don’t like to wear skirt and feel more confident with pants on. So, i won’t wear it unless i need to.

16. I like to eat everything with chopsticks, especially bacon. My hubby thinks it’s very cool to do so!

17. I like bread ends and still searching for a way to bake bread ends by trying to design a baking tin.

18. I participated in Miss Air Hostess 2004 Contest and was selected as one of the last 10 participants.

19. I have a scar beside my belly button because of a surgery to fix “Intussusception” when i was one.

20. I have a pair of wings tattoo on my back which inspired by tattoo artist from the movie, “The Crow”.

So, what do you think? It was quite hard to come up with these facts but i hope you found them interesting more or less! 😀



INTJ / Economist (by learning) / Illustrator (by trying) / Bookworm / Coffeeholic / Toy Collector / Gamer

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