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An Eye-catching Resume

Apart from selling prints of my artworks on my online shop, i would like to find a proper job after granted the US permanent resident status on September last year. So, i decided to revamp my resume to boost my chances. I was trying to move away from traditional style which full of text and here it is, my infographic resume!

Before VS. After: Traditional VS. Infographic Resume

Before After

It took me 3 days to complete the new design. I used 3-steps approach and working with what i’ve got on my old resume. I did cut some unnecessary information out and visualised necessary data using map, chart, graph and icon. Here is how i did it!

Step I: Research and Design

I did the online research using Google to search for examples and templates. I found lots of them but selected only those ones that in line to what i was looking for (interesting but not too crazy). I loaded them into my tablet, picked up a pencil and paper and started designing it. I also read about how to visualise data in Chapter 3: Representing Data in Nathan Yau’s “Data Points: Visualisation That Means Something”. At Starbucks with a cup of coffee, i listed out the sections needed in a resume:

  • Work Experience/Careers
  • Education/Credentials
  • Competencies/Skills
  • Computer Proficiency
  • International Experience/Places
  • Languages
  • Interests/Hobbies

I drew different styles of graph and chart for each section, then picked the right designs and put them together in one page. I adjusted the combination and scales of each graphs until i was happy about the overall look of it.

Step II: Create a Resume/CV

I created the resume using Manga Studio 5 because i don’t have Photoshop or Illustrator. My canvas size is A4 and i used grid to divide the page. I separated all most every elements into separate layers and grouped them in categories based on section. I started with timeline so that i knew how much space left. I got the map and icons from the internet. As for colour theme, i picked blue, green, purple and orange instead of all black to make some information stand out. Regarding the font, i used various sizes of “DINEngschrift Regular” which is the German font i really like. Basically, i made this resume using basic lines and shapes to draw text boxes, graphs and charts. I’m sure anyone can do it and don’t forget to save, just in case!

Step III: Review and Finalise

When i finished and saved it into jpg format, i asked my hubby to check spelling and grammar. I also sent it to my friends asking for their opinions. I made changes after received comments back from them. My file was 2.4 MB and too big, so i turned the jpg into pdf file and optimised it. Now it’s 441 KB but still keep its good quality. This resume is for general application in Asia and Europe. I still need to adjust it for the US where photo, race, gender and age are not required to eliminate discrimination. Anyway, i hope you think my resume is cool and wish me luck for the job hunt! 😀



INTJ / Economist (by learning) / Illustrator (by trying) / Bookworm / Coffeeholic / Toy Collector / Gamer

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