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Coffee Jelly Recipe for “They Draw & Cook”

After I learnt about “They Draw & Cook” ( back in 2011, I decided to submit my first artwork to the website! I would like to share my recipe with you. 🙂


Feel free to check it out at:

Coffee Jelly with Vanilla Ice Cream

(2 servings)


1 cup Brewed coffee (250 ml)

3 table spoons Sugar (27 g)

1 packet Gelatine powder (5 g)

(*For vegan or vegetarian, replace gelatine powder with agar-agar or kanten)

2 scoops Vanilla ice cream

Cocoa powder for garnish (Optional)


1. Make a cup of coffee

2. Pour coffee into a bowl with sugar

3. Add gelatine powder and stir well

4. Pour the mixture into 2 serving glasses

5. Set to cool and then chill in the fridge for at least 3 hours

6. Top with ice cream and garnish with cocoa power

Coffee Jelly

For those who love those illustrated recipes, i recommended their first publication, “They Draw and Cook: 107 Recipes Illustrated by Artist from Around the World”. I feel like it’s a good inspiration for amateur artists… like me. I really hope that my recipe will get selected for their next book! Wish me luck! 😀


They Draw and Cook: 107 Recipes Illustrated by Artists from Around the World

Author(s): Nate Padavick & Salli Swindell

Hardcover: 224 pages

Publisher: Weldon Owen (2011)

Language: English

Source: Book cover is from (my physical copy is in Bangkok)



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