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Revisited my 2014 Goals

Wow, time really does flies! We are only 6 months away from 2015. I was trying to keep up with my resolutions but managed to get only 2 of them done. I’m still looking for job which is so hard to find here in the US. There were several head hunters and recruiters contacted me about jobs in Bangkok. So, i might move back to Thailand soon. Hoping for a better luck there! Anyway, my revised resolutions are the following:

My “Revised” New Year’s Resolutions for 2014

  1. To find a job related to data and infographic – keep applying and looking!
  2. To meditate everyday and keep positive attitude – changed method by using prey to help with the meditation
  3. To exercise regularly, at least 3-4 times a week – couldn’t keep up but will try harder with kickboxing
  4. To read more books, at least 2 books a month – managed to read 14 out of 50 books whole year target, need to keep reading!
  5. To speed up my English writing skill by blogging – DONE!!! 3 posts per month and will keep writing them
  6. To polish my existing foreign language skills – decided to cut this one out… for now as i don’t use them
  7. To finish my book about Berlin for publication – must bite the bullet and finish it!
  8. To create more artworks with copic and watercolour – 2 important art projects are coming up
  9. To have at least one pet, either a cat or a dog – we can’t have a pet right now because of the circumstances
  10. To earn personalised gold card from Starbucks – DONE!!! also, maintain the gold level until February 2015

My best friend encouraged me to finish my book while i still have time to write it. I will try my best! 🙂 Apart from writing, i would like to pay more attention to improve my drawing and painting skills. During the past 6 months, i felt that i didn’t practice enough and what i did were mostly pencil sketches and less than 10 coloured pieces. 😦

My 2014 Summary of Art, Part I (January – June 2014)

2014 Art Summary Part I

I also have 3 art projects that needed to be done by the end of the year.

1. Christmas Card Design

I need to design it ASAP, so that i can order prints and send them out at least 1 month in advance. I usually use one design for both greeting card and postcard. However, i plan to print the new design as postcards only for universal usage. I will put some of them in envelopes if needed. Here is my “Reindeer Girl” from last year.


2. 2015 Calendar Design

Like last year, it will feature my 3 kids: Mushi, Misha and Theo. 🙂 I still have to pick a theme and i’m thinking along the lines of ‘Sweets’ or ‘Candies’! Anyway, it might turns out completely different at the end. Who know? We will see! I hope i can finish it within the 3rd quarter, so the prints can be up for sale before the year 2015 rolls around!

Here is my 2014 Calendar and the theme is “Movie Cosplay Kids”:

3 Cute Kids

3. The Sketchbook Project (Learn more about it in this video:

I decided to participate in the project again after did it the first time in 2013. It will keep me busy for the rest of this year as my deadline is 31 January 2015! The theme i picked for this one is ‘Winter’ and the title of the book is called, “Winter is coming.” which i think you know exactly what it’s gonna be about! Right?… Yes, Game of Thrones! 😀

Here is what i did for 2014 Tour under the theme of ‘Fill me with…’ and it’s called, “Once Upon a Time”:

The Sketchbook Project 2015

Read more about my original resolutions here:



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