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Denver Comic Con 2014

My hubby and me went to Denver Comic Con 2014 ( on Father’s Day (15 June 2014). We got our tickets online for 30 USD each. They are a bit expensive than we paid for last year because we bought them 2 weeks before the event. Before we went to the convention center, we prepared our lunch, sandwiches for Mee and Bi, and also brought some drinks! 😀

Mee & Bi Sandwiches Denver Comic Con 2014

The first booth we visited was Weta Workshop from New Zealand. The exhibition mainly focused on props and figures from The Hobbit. I really like them, especially the weapons used in the movie. I can’t wait to receive the 4th book from The Hobbit Chronicle which will be related to Clothes and Weapons! 🙂 Another interesting part of the convention was the cosplayers. The 501st Legion, which is an international Star Wars costuming organisation, also had a cool booth with lots of Star Wars props. I love the Darth Vader guy, even he is a bit too short! LOL

Weta Workshop Darth Vader

Unlike last year, i didn’t spend a lot at the Comic Con as we just wanted to have fun and look around. So, i got cat pins by Jenny Parks Illustration ( and a ‘Battle Royale’ print by Steam Crow ( I actually got sick the next day after the con but we had a great time at the con and looking forward to the next year event if we are still here in Denver!

Cat Pins Battle Royale print

I also went to Denver Comic Con 2013 last year and you can read about it here:



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