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Photo Printing Apps for Smartphone

I would like to talk about 3 interesting printing services applications for smartphone.

1. Print Studio (Free, Available for both IOS and Android)

Print Studio offers a lot of photo printing services through the app, including photo book, poster, framed prints, greeting cards, magnets and buttons. There are more services on their website, such as mini book, tiny book, double-size prints, sticker book, t-shirt, and calendar, as well as goods like photo stands and frames. The services are geared toward instagram users but non-instagram photos are also welcome. I decided to go with a set of Mighty Prints (4 x 6 inches, 24 prints) and the shipping rate is very reasonable which is 6 USD for US domestic and 12 USD for international destinations. The order is shipped 2 days after i placed it but the weird thing is it came from Taiwan! Via FedEx Express, it took 2 days to get to me. The prints are great and i love them! However, i’m a little disappointed that they can’t be use as postcards right away because they won’t absorb ink as they were printed on archival quality paper with smooth matte finish. I used a self-adhesive postcard-back label or “Postick”, bought from Postcard Happiness shop on Etsy, to fix this problem and those prints are good to go! 😀

PS FedEx Express Mighty Prints and

Interested in the Postick, visit “Postcard Happiness” at:

2. Impressed (Free, Available for IOS only)

Impressed is a very new app. Right now, it offers only photo book but photo print is coming soon. There are 3 sizes of photo book which range from 8 x 8 inches (hardcover), 6 x 8 inches (hardcover), and 5 x 5 inches (softcover). The app is quite easy to use and photos can be picked from camera roll on iPhone, facebook, instagram, dropbox and flickr. I had a lot of fun creating a book as a gift for my guardians in Berlin with my photos. The downside is the fixed shipping rate of 9.99 USD on first item and 4.99 USD for each additional item. Although the cost includes taxes for all destinations in the US and Canada, it’s still a bit pricy for me. However, when i ordered it i got a 5 USD discount with a Father’s Day promotion code. Within 3 business days, the order has shipped from Toronto, Canada. I also learnt that the tracking status/place called, “USORDA” is the United States postal sorting center or international shipment custom clearance facility, which is located in Chicago. The book reached me after 5 business days. It is quite well bound but i spotted several alignment mistakes in some pages and the photos tend to be darker. Anyway, the overall result is good. 🙂

"Berlin Solo" von Pannita Inside the photo book

Feel free to look inside my 5″ x 5″ photo book “Berlin Solo” von Pannita here:

3. Printic (Free, Available for IOS only)

Printic is actually located in France. There are several products which includes 18″ x 18″ photo book, 3″ x 4″ prints (similar to polaroid photo), box of 50 photos (also 3″ x 4″ size), 50 x 70 cm poster (35 photos), and calendar of 12 prints (3″ x 4″ photos in a box). I’m interested in the calendar but the 2015 calendar template is not available yet. Otherwise, i would have got one already. What a shame! Anyway, the app allows to you select pictures from camera roll on iPhone, facebook, instagram, and dropbox. The only disadvantage i found so far is that the selected photos will always be in a random order and it took me quite some time to figure it out how to switch pictures between months. However, the best thing about this app is a free worldwide shipping on all orders. Moreover, the company also offers quite a lot of discount promotions for special occasions. Anyway, i always design a calendar for sale every year and plan to use the same images to print a calendar with Printic for myself!

Printic Calendar



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