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Instant Cameras Never Die!

Given that we are in digital age, you might think that film cameras will die (like Kodak) but i personally don’t think so. High-end film cameras are popular among professionals, especially street photographers. As for (quite poor) me, i prefer cameras using self-developing film so that i don’t have to worry about developing them in a dark room. Do you like instant cameras? I really love them! I usually travel with at least 2 cameras, so my gears include Apple iPhone 5s, Fujifilm FinePix X100, and instax mini 25. Here are some example of photos i took with instax mini 25 in Berlin, Germany. They are my pride souvenirs from the places i visited. I normally display them or put them to my travel diaries. 🙂

Instant Berlin

My brother bought me the instax mini 25 from Japan in February 2011. Comes in a pack of 10 photos, the size of instax mini film is 86 x 54 mm (or credit card size), while the image size is only 62 x 46 mm. It’s a bit small but perfect for wallet and scrapbook! If you want them to be bigger, you need to go with the wide format or regular polaroid size which can be more expensive. My dad actually gave me his old Polaroid SX-70 camera as a memento in September 2011. It’s a shame that the camera won’t work anymore. 😦

Instax Mini 25 Polaroid SX-70

I recently got myself a new kind of product, a instant smartphone printer! Instax SHARE SP-1 is the latest product from instax series by Fujifilm. Using with a free app for both IOS and Android, it prints any photo in your smartphone on the instax film. I love it because sometime i waste some of those expensive films on bad photos! LOL I know it’s part of the excitement of instant camera but it’s not quite fun when you have to discard too many bad ones. I am also be able to pick templates, adjust position and add text, then check that everything is in order before print it out. However, the price is a bit steep and more expensive than any instax camera in the market including the new instax mini 90 Neo Classic. Anyway, i think that it’s a compliment to my existing instax camera which is good for scrapbooking and crafting. 😀

instax Share SP-1 Print out

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