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The Bag Organiser

I’ve to admit that i’m a bit of a perfectionist but i can also be messy sometime depends on the mood. I like to put everything in order and to know where everything is, especially in my territories such as my desk, my bookshelves, my part of the closet and the kitchen! In my handbag, i always line everything up and make sure i have things i needed in it according to the length of the trips. 🙂 I just want to have things i might needed in my bag all the time. Better safe than sorry, right? (Check out “What’s in my Bag?” for more detail at:

Regrading how to organise my bag, i own one of those insert for camera. As you can see (below, left photo), it’s quite small and fits only one camera. I sometime use it with my normal handbag but it’s just too small and has not enough small pockets. I still using it but recently i bought myself a Fossil’s Black Erin Satchel (below, right photo). Then, i thought that it is a good idea to get a proper organiser insert that i can fit all of my belongings in without turning my cluttered handbag into a mess!

Camera Insert Fossil Erin Satchel

I searched for a bag organiser insert online and decided to bought one from eBay. It’s very cheap but i get what i paid for. The thing torn apart as soon as i monkey around with it! You can see the part that tear out at its bottom (below, left photo). I was just trying to pull the button, that’s all. 😦 Anyway, i was immediately searching for a new one, better one. That was when i found out about “Purse Perfector”, an organiser insert for handbag! There are two sizes, medium and large, and the different between them are length and depth which are 1″ and 3/4″ respectively. It has 13 small pockets within 2 compartments, each 4-1/4″ and 5-1/4″ tall, which can be unzipped into two separate inserts. Mine is a large black with silver sage one (below, right photo). Although it’s not very cheap, it’s very well made, durable and machine washable. It fits inside both of my Fossil handbags, which allowed me to easily switch between them. Awesome product and also made in USA! 🙂

Bag Organiser Insert Purse Perfector

I actually plan to get a large one for my sister when i’m absolutely sure that i will see her in July. If you’re interested in this handbag organiser insert, i recommended you to check out the official website of Purse Perfector: The End of Handbag Chaos for more detail at:

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Here is “What’s in my Bag? 2014 Updated” 😀



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