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Starbucks Coffee & Me

My relationship with Starbucks Coffee started when Thailand’s first store opened at Central Chitlom department store near my high school in 1998. It’s a shame that the store closed down in 2011. 😦 Anyway, i always have a good time at Starbucks and enjoy its coffee. To me, Starbucks’ coffee is the best coffee ever but at least you can be sure that you will get a decent cup of coffee every time you walk in there! What Starbucks has to offer is standard coffee, perhaps? 🙂

Starbucks Coffee Menu

Although most of the drinks are espresso based, Starbucks’ menu is quite different from Italian’s espresso bars. Starbucks is good at using various kinds of syrup which i don’t like, so i’m much more in to traditional drinks served in a coffeehouse. Anyway, here is the list of drinks i’ve ever got from Starbucks!

1. Starbucks VIA: I prefer Italian Roast flavour and drink it everyday mixed with warm milk. It’s the best instant coffee on earth!

2. Caffe Latte: When i was working in downtown Bangkok, i usually drank it in the morning before work unless i had early meetings.

3. Caffe Mocha: This menu is something i would order, cold w/o whipped cream, when i need sugar and energy in the afternoon.

4. Espresso: A single shot is definitely my afternoon sleepy remedy at work when i’m full and don’t want to add milk to my stomach.

5. Java Chip Frappuccino Light: My favourite Frappuccino but it’s expensive so i only get it for special occasion, free drink rewards!

6. Iced Shaken Lemon Tea: My choice of refreshment drink with little caffeine. I always order a barista to reduce 1 pump of syrup.

7. Signature Hot Chocolate: When i want non-coffee warm drink, i will get a cup of hot chocolate instead. It’s quite sweet but not bad.

8. Espresso Macchiato: I’ve just learned that Starbucks has my favourite espresso-based drink! I will order it more and more i’m sure!

9. Green Tea Latte: My friend recommended me to try it and i think a warm cup of green tea latte is quite good without any syrup added.

10. Holiday Season Drinks: The best one from those Christmas drinks is “Dark Cherry Mocha”. I really miss it, so please bring it back!

Panita Java Chip

Starbucks Cards

I didn’t collect them per se but i have quite a number of them. I picked them up for one reason only, when i like them! I got 5 cards from Thailand and 6 cards from USA. I’m also waiting for the ultimate gold card from Starbucks Rewards program! LOL Anyway, let’s talk about my favourite card. The one i like the most is the Red Cup Die-Cut Card i got during Christmas last year. I use it as my main card and also bought 8GB USB flash drive with the same design to match the card! For those of Starbucks USA, i especially like braille cards and i’ve got 2 designs from 2012 and 2013. Can’t wait for this year design. As for cards from Starbucks Thailand, i like its first card design, the yellow one in the photo below. Cute, isn’t it?

Red Cup Card Gold Card

Starbucks Rewards

I started working toward the Gold level of Starbucks Rewards last year. It requires 5 stars for Green level and only 30 stars for Gold level which means 30 purchases at Starbucks store. I took only a few months to reach it and i’m waiting impatiently for my personalised gold card with my name printed on it! Once reached gold level, every 12 stars will reward me free drink or free food. I will also get a birthday reward which i’m not sure yet what it will be. In order to maintain the level, i have to collect another 30 stars within one year. Shouldn’t be that hard i guess… 🙂

Learn more about Starbucks Rewards program at:

Download “Starbucks” for your smartphone at:

Green Gold Level

Starbucks Drinkware

I own a collection of mugs and tumblers from Starbucks because they are so cute! I think i must have at least 8 tumblers and about 9 mugs. Most of them are at my parent’s place in Bangkok. Here in Denver, i have 2 tumblers and 2 mugs. As far as drinkware goes, i especially like tumblers because i can get a bit of a discount every time i bring it to Starbucks stores. I also like Starbucks City Mug series but i’ve got only 2 of them from Berlin and Denver where i used to live and live now respectively (not sure which city we will go next?). The Gold Boxed Mug, i bought at discount price from Safeway the other day, is now my regular cup i use every morning to drink my latte. It matches with my coming gold card very well, don’t you think? 😛

Starbucks City Mugs Gold Boxed Mug

Starbucks Stores

I’m sure every Starbucks’ fans have his/her own favourite stores and of course i have them too! I have each store for each place i stay which means 3 stores as the following:

1. Starbucks Mediplex, Bangkok: It’s quite a big store for a medical complex building, so Starbucks is usually empty. Baristas are super nice too. I love to go there on Saturday afternoon but i can’t stay there too late because the store closes early at 7 pm.

2. Starbucks Pariser Platz, Berlin: This store sits right at the Brandenburger Gate which gives the best scenery ever! It’s always crowned with tourists during the day but i often go there when it’s getting dark and the gate looks so beautiful with lighting. Miss it so bad!

3. Starbucks 6th & Grant St., Denver: It’s my latest regular place to go when i’m bored being at home all day. The store is very small with just only 4 tables inside. I like to sit by the windows and do my things like drawing and reading. That’s the best kind of day. No?

Starbucks Berlin Starbucks Denver

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