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I’m back! I’ve just got back from 5 weeks trip to visit my friends and family in Bangkok, Thailand! While i was there, i learned about “Postcrossing Project” from one of my best friends. Ever since i moved to the US last year, we always exchange postcards both local and handmade ones. We are Postcardmania! You can read more about why i’m so fascinated with them in my previous blog post: [Lifestyle] Postcardmania! ( So after i recovered from jet-lag, i decided to register for Postcrossing at “Postcrossing: send a postcard and receive a postcard back from a random person in the world!” is free or almost free because all you have to do is send a postcard, then you will receive one back in return! I really love this idea, so i sent 5 postcards yesterday to 5 postcrossers the system picked for me. Once those postcards get there, my name will be up in the database for random picking as well. Here are the first set of postcard i sent to Germany, Russia, Belarus, Finland and the Netherlands under this program. Maybe it’s a bit too early but i can’t wait to receive one back soon! 🙂


If you like to receive real mail, postcrossing is your best bet! Unless you want to receive bills! LOL Anyway, check it out or visit my postcrossing profile at May my next postcard be with you! 😀



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