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Alphonse Mucha: Masterworks

When you asked me which style of art i love the most, my answer is Art Nouveau! This style which inspired by natural forms and structures was most popular during 1890 – 1910 in Europe. The most famous artist is none other than Alphonse Mucha, a painter and decorative artist from Czech Republic. I’ve seen his works before but after I went to Prague for the first time in 2009, i completely fell in love with his distinct style. When i visited Prague for the second time with my family, we had lunch at Mucha Restaurant. I took the paper plate mat as a souvenir. It was a great trip!

Mucha restaurant

After returned to Bangkok from master study, i was wondering around an Asia books Shop and found a book called, “Alphonse Mucha: Masterworks”. Although it’s a 11.8 x 11.3 inches hard binding book, it surprised me with the price of only 395 THB or around 12 USD! So, i bought it right away and it worths every penny. Here is my latest work, “My Valentine”, which influenced by Mucha’s works. 🙂

My Valentine

The book features only his graphic works, not his stained glass window or interior decoration. Anyway, the included artworks are awesome! In my opinion, this book is highly recommended for Mucha’s fans and Art Nouveau’s lovers.


Alphonse Mucha: Masterworks

Author: Rosalind Ormiston

Hardcover: 200 pages

Publisher: Flame Tree Publishing (2007)

Language: English



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