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My Dolls

I recently got myself into an expensive hobby! I’m interested in “Ball-jointed dolls” or BJDs since i took a trip to Japan early 2009. They are so beautiful but super expensive, especially those from Volks, Inc. Several years passed, one of my best friend started to collect BJDs and i’ve been talking to her about them. After consulted with my friend for a long time, i finally decided to get my own dolls.

Luna Sonne

Note: Photos by Opal (

The first one is a 20 cm white rabbit called, “Luna” (means “Moon” in Latin), the second one is a 26 cm boy called, “Sonne” (means “Sun” in German). Luna is Bloom model from Cute Doll Series by Spirit Doll from China, while Sonne is Lance model from General E-Line by Crobi Dolls from South Korea. They are both made from resin which can break, so i have to be very careful when i handle them. The dolls are not cheap but accessories are even more expensive. In order to play with dolls, you need eyes, wigs, clothes, shoes, and etc. Most importantly, you also need a good camera! As for now, i don’t think i can afford more than two dolls. So, i have to stick with my moon and sun! 🙂



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