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Pop-Up Cards: Over 50 Designs for Cards That Fold, Flap, Spin, and Slide

I spent quite a lot on Christmas gift for my hubby last year as well as sending out many greeting cards and postcards to friends and family back home in Bangkok. So, i decided to made a special card instead of buying one. I used directions from the book, “Pop-Up Cards” bought from Amazon. The reason i picked the pop-up style because i drew greeting cards all the time and i really want to make something different or at least enhance my drawing. I drew the Russian matryoshka or nesting doll which represented my hubby (teddy bear with glasses), me (blue bunny), and the three kids. Then, i tried to convert that drawing into a pop-up using the same method as the snowman shown in the book. I cut them with art knife and folded them into a card like so! Ta-daaaa! No bad, isn’t it? 🙂

My pop-up card Snowman

In my opinion, this book is great because it gives basic step-by-step instructions as well as patterns. It features several ways to make pop-up card and those methods are easy to modify into different designs. I found that it’s not difficult to create my own card designs by building on those techniques. Recommended for those who love paper crafting!

Pop-Up Cards

Pop-Up Cards: Over 50 Designs for Cards That Fold, Flap, Spin, and Slide

Author: Mari Kumada

Paperback: 144 pages

Publisher: Roost Books; Reprint edition (2012)

Language: English



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