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Announcement: I’ve just opened my online shop “Matryoshka Husky” on Storenvy to sell my postcard prints and here is the link: Feel free to check it out and enjoy! 😉

I love to receive (physical) mails, except the bills! LOL Anyway, postcards are the best! I can’t say that i’m collecting them but i love to receive them. I literally jump up and down in front of the mailbox everyday. I started this habit since i was a lonely student in Berlin, Germany. It was hard to read even advertisements on the street, so it was nice to receive something written in my mother tongue for a change. I also sent out some postcards from Berlin as well as from other places where i traveled to. Here are some example of local postcards from Fort Collins and Denver!

IMG_4114 IMG_5566

This year is the first year i moved abroad permanently, so i decided to send out holiday greeting cards and postcards to friends and family back home in Bangkok and elsewhere. I would like to tell them that although i’m not going to be there close to them, i still thinking about them. I decided to design them by myself, then ordered prints with Overnight Prints ( I selected this company because of the minimum number which are only 25 for postcard and 10 for greeting card. The prices are reasonable and the prints are great. Furthermore, USPS holiday stamps are so cute this year! The Gingerbread Houses are for domestic mails, while the Evergreen Wreath stamps are for international ones.

IMG_7043 IMG_7215

I also carved a holiday message stamp for this year. Btw, i don’t like making text stamps because they are so tiny and difficult! T T In addition, i also bought a beautiful vintage “Post Card” stamp from Stampin’ Up (

IMG_7058 IMG_7202

This is my 2013 holiday season postcard design, the Reindeer Girl! 🙂 So if you are on my list of postcard exchange, don’t forget to check your mailbox for it! Happy Holidays to you all!


PS. If you wish to exchange a postcard with me over the holiday, please write me at 😀



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