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Let’s Countdown to Christmas!

I’m Buddhist but i went to Catholic school. So, i’m very familiar with Christmas. To me, it means party and holiday! At my old school, we had party every year and students decorated their classrooms with season ornaments. It was fun and the best time of the year! There are three things i love about this holiday season: Christmas tree, Advent calendar and Christmas market in Germany!

Christmas Tree

Christmas tree is the first thing i remember about Christmas. My dad used to receive fresh pine tree straight from Germany every year when he was a consultant for LTU International (now fully owned by Air Berlin). We decorated and displayed it in front of his clinic. The tree in the photo below was our last one we’ve got in December 2008. I really miss decorating the Christmas tree!

Christmas Tree

Advent Calendar

An Advent Calendar is a special calendar use to countdown to Christmas, usually starts from 1st of December. When i was young, my dad traveled to Germany very often and he always bought me an advent calendar with 1 pieces of small chocolate for each day until Christmas Eve. My Advent calendar for this year is from Starbucks! It’s not only beautiful but also reusable.

Advent Calendar

Christmas Market

Christmas Market or “Weihnachtsmarkt” is basically a german temple fair. The market is usually full of foods, drinks, sweets and souvenirs. The famous things to eat are Bratwurst (sausage) and Glühwein (warm red wine with spices). In some big markets, there are also a carousel,  a ferris wheel and an ice skating rink. I really enjoyed Christmas markets in Berlin! Can’t wait to go back!

Merry Go Round X'mas Market

Last year, i created an artwork set inspired by snacks from Christmas Market. As for this year, i drew one and turned it into a postcard! Don’t forget to check your mailbox for it, ok? 😀

Candy Apple Pretzel

(Left) Toffee Apfel or Candy Apple (Right) Brezel or Pretzel

Ginger Cookies Snowball

(Left) Labkuchen or Gingerbread (Right) Schneeball or Snowball



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