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My Workstation Desktop

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m very excited to unveil my new Apple’s Mac Mini or “Baby Silver” which finally arrived on Monday! I’ve been waiting to switch from laptop to desktop with big screen for a long time and here i have it!

Baby Silver Workstation

My new workstation is consisting of the following:

1. Apple Mac Mini

2. Apple Wireless Keyboard

3. Apple Magic Mouse

5. Wacom Bamboo Fun

5. Asus 24″ HD Monitor

6. Western Digital 2TB HDD

7. Jawbone Jambox

I traded in my old MacBook Pro for a gift card under Apple Recycling Program (for more detail about the program please visit my related post and i used it to buy this Mac Mini from Apple certified refurbished shop. So, i paid less then 100 USD for this computer! It’s 7.7″ x 7.7″ x 1.4″ and weight 1.22 kg. The machine is very sturdy and has Thunderbolt port, HDMI port, FireWire 800 port and SDXC card slot. It also comes with OSX Sea Lion Mavericks and the new iWork. The keyboard is actually belongs to my dad but he never uses it. So, i asked my sister to send it to me and it arrived on time for the new computer. It’s important for me to have this keyboard because it features Thai characters. I’ve already got everything i needed which are mouse, drawing tablet, monitor, external hard drive and speaker. I don’t have to buy anything else except, maybe, a webcam, a microphone, and an external Blu-ray/DVD drive but they are not necessary at the moment. With this current set up, i couldn’t be happier! 😀



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