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Food Holidays

Yesterday, November 11, was Veterans Day in the US but it was Pocky & Pretz Day (ポッキー&プリッツの日) in Japan! Both of them are Japanese snacks produced by Ezaki Glico ( “Pocky” is a chocolate-coated biscuit stick, while “Pretz” is a pretzel stick dusted with seasonings. I like them all but my favourite is still the famous Pocky Chocolate ( As for Pretz, my favourite flavour is Larb which is a type of minced meat salad dish originated from Laos but very common in Northeastern part of Thailand. However, Japan is not the only country with food holidays. I’ve just found out that the US also has foodie holidays all year round (! I think it’s a very good inspiration for my art. I also downloaded a Food Holiday app from on my iPhone ( So far, i produced an artwork dedicated to National Candy Day on November 4 and decided to turn it into a postcard. While i’m waiting for the production of my postcards, i also created another artwork for the Pocky Day!

Candy Day Pocky Day

Although we have so many delicious Thai dishes, it’s a shame that we don’t have any food holiday. Anyway, i’ve got plenty of American ones and the next holiday that i might try draw something for the upcoming National Fast Food Day on November 16!

Fast Food Girl



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