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Apple Recycling Program

As my current computer, a Mid-2010 15″ MacBook Pro or “Big Silver” is getting old and slow. I can’t even run high-resolution image on Manga Studio 5 without a lack. I was planning to switch to a desktop but i wasn’t sure what to get. I would love to get an iMac but it is a bit expensive and above my budget. I decided to participate in a Apple Customer Trade In program. “Apple Recycling Program” or “Reuse and Recycling Program” is a campaign that allow you to get an Apple Store Gift Card for the value of your old device. This way my computer can contribute to a new one. The program is conducted by PowerON Services, Inc. in Roseville, California. So, i contacted the company as well as Apple Inc. to confirm that my computer is qualified because of its Thai keyboard. The answer is positive but Apple will deduct about 90 USD from a gift card for the non-standard keyboard. I agreed and requested for a quotation as well as shipping materials. I sent my Big Silver to California and i’m now using my hubby’s laptop. 🙂 After a week, they finally got back to me about this actual value that i will get from trading in and i decided to accept it! So, i’m saving my way to buy a Mac Mini as i already have a 24″ monitor, an Apple Wireless Keyboard and a Magic Mouse. My Big Silver will reincarnate into “Baby Silver”! 😀

Big Silver Computer

Trade In Timeline

3 October 2013: Item quoted

4 October 2013: Shipping materials requested and sent

9 October 2013: Received shipping materials and sent in the item

14 October 2013: Product received at Audit Facility

17 October 2013: Audit complete and accepted

18 October 2013: Payment sent

Check out this like for more detail about the program:



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