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Sweet Tooth

Do you like sweets? I think everybody like sweets! I generally don’t like too sweet food but i love baking. So, i usually reduce amount of sugar or sweetener by at least 25% in every recipes. Here are my top 5 favourite sweets that i love to eat and also make them!

My top 5 favourite sweets

1. Basic Pound Cake

Pound cake is one of the vary first thing i baked. It is the first sweet my dad and mom baked for me when i was young. The recipe is from my dad and modified by my mom, then i have to modified it again to suit my taste. I also combined the original recipe with the one i saw on Videojug. Pound cake is pretty easy to make and required only flour, butter, eggs and sugar! In my opinion, this cake is best having plain with tea.

Here is the link to the video on Videojug:

Pound Cake

Photo: Pound cake i baked at home in Bangkok, Thailand

2. Boston Cream Pie

Boston Cream Pie is actually not a pie but a cake! It is like a dream comes true, especially when it made with dark chocolate ganache! I’ve never been to Boston but i fell in love with it right away after tasted it at The Roast in Bangkok. I tried to make it once but it requires a lot of work involving custard cream, sponge cake and chocolate ganache. I guess the easiest way is to skip the cake and follow this recipe from Chef John of Food Wishes.

Check out the video from Food Wishes:

Boston Cream Pie

Photo: The Roast in Bangkok, Thailand

3. Cream Scones

Cream scones are the best sweet to have with tea in the afternoon and it’s so difficult to find good scones in Bangkok or even Berlin! I have to bake them myself. I use recipe from Martha Stewart’s official website and modified it to be my own. I even baked them with toast oven once and they turned out not bad! My favourite scones in Thailand are from Fairy’s Scone House Khao Yai ( 🙂

Recipe from Martha Stewart’s Website:


Photo: Scone i baked in Berlin, Germany

4. Chocolate Lava Cake

I made chocolate lava cakes long time ago and i was trying to bake them again today! I lost my old recipe so i had to use recipe from Chef John of Food Wishes. They were quite easy to make and not required electric mixer. The ingredients are eggs, sugar, dark chocolate, butter, flour, cocoa powder, salt and vanilla extract. I did screw up by overcooked them, so they turned out to be normal chocolate pudding cakes. 😦

Check out the video from Food Wishes:

Lava Cake

Photo: After You Dessert Cafe in Bangkok, Thailand

5. Tiramisu

“Tiramisu”, which means “lift me up” in Italian, is a dessert, made of ladyfingers, coffee, egg yolks, mascarpone cheese and cocoa powder. This one is my dad’s favourite sweet (apart from his “Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte” or “Black Forest Cake” that he loves so much) and i used to make it for him. I also added Kahlúa, which is a coffee-flavoured rum-based liqueur, to the mixture and it was great. I generally don’t like whipped cream but i enjoy Tiramisu a lot!

I’m planning to use this recipe from All Recipe but i will skip the rum:


Photo: iBerry Cafe in Bangkok, Thailand

I love to bake/make sweets and would actually want to own one of those stand mixers from KitchenAid ( but they are so expensive. 😥 I’m hoping that once my hubby and me settled down, i will be able to buy an espresso machine and a heavy duty mixer! Can’t wait!



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