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I found this book at Barnes & Noble. I was attracted by its cover as the artwork of a medieval city with a dragon flying above it is so beautiful! I can’t resist and decided to give it a try. This book is a debut novel of a new American writer, Rachel Hartman ( I like to support new writers by buying their first books and i had a good luck the last time with Eric Morgenstern and her debut novel, “The Night Circus”. (Read my review here: In my opinion, the book started very slow at the beginning but once i read through, it is getting more and more interesting and fun. The story follows a 16-year-olds court musician, Seraphina. In her world, dragons can take human shapes and live among humans for 40 years under the peace treaty. The mystery murder of a crown prince drove them to a blink of war and she is caught in the investigation, while trying to protect her own secret.


Here is Seraphina or Phina in my imagination. I’m so glad that a sequel of this book entitled “Shadowscale” will be released early 2014. Can’t wait to read it!

Seraphina Book


Author: Rachel Hartman

Hardcover: 480 pages

Publisher: Random House Children’s Books (2012)

Language: English

If you are interested in this book, you can read the Prequel of Seraphina: The Audition here!



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