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In my previous book review post, I talked about vinyl toys and toy designer books i recently got. I consider myself a collector.  Although i’m quite new to collecting toys, i used to collect so many things prior to this new hobby. Here are some example of things i’m collecting or used to collect.

Stuffed animals

I think everybody love stuffed animals when we were kids. I remember that i prefer them over Barbies doll. My mom who was a stewardess bought me a white persian cat doll from Japan and that’s how it all started! I was attached to this cat or “Meaw” and i needed to rub its nose in order to sleep every night. I continue to have more and more stuffed animals through out my life, from White Bunny “Tai”, Rainbow Elephant “Dudu”, Black & White snake “Molly”, Grey Husky “Chii” and recently Blue Bunny “B-Bed”. I actually have more than i mentioned but i decided to donate most of them to charity and kept only those i loved.

Comic books

I love to read books since i was a child. My dad always buy them for me, like Encyclopaedia set for kids for example. I guess one thing he didn’t want me to read is comic books or manga but i still managed to collect them using my lunch allowance. I’ve got too many completed collections of manga, so i decided to sell some and give some to my friend. I did kept some of my favourite manga like “Kuroshitsuji” or Black Butler, “Yumeiro Patissiere” or Dream-Coloured Pastry Chef, “Trinity Blood” and “Hakushaku Kain Shirīzu” or The Cain Saga etc. Nowadays, i sometime read them online but not collecting physical copies anymore.

Postage stamps

I wasn’t intend to collect postage stamps but my cousin gave his collection to me, so i just felt like doing it. There was a time when i did traded and collected them. I expanded my cousin’s collection with both new and old stamps. I recalled that he gave me 3 collection books and i added another 2 books over a decade. Now, my collection has transferred to an uncle who will take good care of it. He doesn’t have any child, so i might ask him to give it back to me if nobody wants it. I’m also willing to give the whole collection back to my cousin, if he wants. Although i didn’t collect them anymore, i would like to keep them as family heirloom.

Sugar bags

Yes, a sugar bag from hotel, cafe or restaurant. I think this collection of mine was kind of weird. I used to travel a lot with my dad when i was little. Every place we went, i picked sugar bags with logo. I don’t even understand why sugar bag instead of matches or something else. When we got home, i put them in a clear glass jar and just looked at them. I remembered that i got a full jar of sugar bags before my housemaid needed sugar to cook so i decided to let her use them all. I regretted making that decision and stopped collecting them ever since. Now, i usually pick a business card and stick it in my scrapbook.

Telephone cards

Before mobile phone came around, telephone card was a very popular thing especially when you don’t have coins in your pocket. My dad bought lots of them, every time we traveled abroad. They were printed with beautiful images and usually localised to where you purchased them. Over the period before the mobile phone boom, I got myself a bunch of cards from Thailand and abroad. They are still kept in a wooden box at my parents’ place in Bangkok. You can call me old, but i like the charm of going to a telephone booth or using a landline. God knows whether those wireless technologies can do to our brains, no?

Membership cards

Apart from telephone cards, i also collect expired membership cards, like discount cards, point cards, and etc. I usually keep all plastic or thick paper cards and throw the soft paper one away. Pre-paid movie or concert tickets are included in my collection. So, i think i basically collect all kinds of cards, unless it’s an expired ATM or credit card. For cards that are still valid, i keep them in a card holder or in my wallet. Once it’s expired, i will put it in a wooden box. Recently, i started to collect some Starbucks cards because of the design. I buy them with minimum amount of money and use that money to buy coffee, then keep the cards.


I love stationary. Every time i go to a department store, i’ve never missed stationary section and i often buy something. Blank notebooks are my favourites. It’s really hard to stop myself from buying them and sometime they are too nice to be used! I know it sounds crazy but the only way some of them will be used is to give them to someone else. Apart from notebooks, i’m also fascinated with mechanical pencils. I have more then 10 of them, ranges from 0.3, 0.5,0.7 and 2.0 mm lead size. The one i’m using now is “Zebra Tect 2way Light Drafting Pencil – 0.3 mm”. I choose it because of its shaker and click lead extension function.


I’m in love with conventional post. I like to receive physical mails, especially postcards. I feel that they are more charming than emails. When i travel somewhere, i’m always trying to send some postcards to my friends back home. In my opinion, postcard is the best souvenir. They are inexpensive and full of regards. So, i usually send them instead of buying gifts like keychains. Sometime i also buy several postcards for myself and keep them as travel souvenirs. Those blank postcards are kept in a box with my trip scrapbook, while those received from my friends and family are kept in a different box along with letters and greeting cards.

Coins and banknotes

Another travel souvenirs i like to keep are local currency coins and small banknotes. Now i’m collecting 25 cents or quarters dollar from 50 states and 6 U.S. territories. Currently, i’m missing 3 quarters as the following: “Arkansas”, “Guam” and “Northern Mariana Islands”. I hope i will find them soon because my husband and i might have to move out of the US in the near future. Some of the coins and banknotes in my collection also came from my master degree classmates. We traded each other our local currencies during our Alumni meeting. I traded my “Thai Baht” with “Guatemalan Quetzal” and “Nepalese rupee” etc.

Designer toys

I’ve just started to collect those vinyl toys or action figures since last year. I actually got some of them here and there over the last 5 years, mostly from Japan. On my bookshelf, i display 18 Unicornos (Tokidoki), Skeletrino Cat (Tokidoki), 3 Lunartik in a Cup of Tea (Lunartik), Android Toy Soldier (Andrew Bell), Bender (Kidrobot), Minion Phil (McDonalds Happy Meal) etc. At my parents’ place in Bangkok, i left many mini figures from Japan and 2 Nendoriods (Sebastian and Ciel). Nendoriold is a brand of figures, made by Good Smile Company ( I’m sure i will get more and more of them in the future!

So, what do you collect? 😀

Chii Starbucks card Stationary Postcards Coins Nendoriod




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