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What’s in my Bag?

I guess we all have probably heard of the saying, “You can tell a lot about a woman by the contents of her purse,” from somewhere or someone. So, let’s find out! My regular carry on is a brown leather messenger bag (Size: 13″ x 10″ x 3″) from Bagspace. I really like this bag but the only downside is that my full size 9″ x 12″ sketchbook won’t fit in it! 😦 Anyway, here is a long list of stuff inside my bag.

Bagspace What's in my Bag

1. Apple iPhone 4S

This phone is everything… from phone, camera, game console, radio, music player, map, compass, clock, notepad, dictionaries, flashlight, etc. I have to admit that i won’t feel comfortable going out without my phone. So, it is the first thing i put in my pocket!

2. Fossil Wallet

I’m sure nobody wants to leave wallet at home! Apart from money, i usually put my transportation cards, personal ID, credit cards, and insurance card. Those cards are as important as money, especially when i go out for a beer!

3. Apartment Keys

One other thing i never forget to bring with me unless i’m going out with my hubby who always has them in his pocket. The Lego’s Stormtrooper is guarding our apartment keys, while Emperor Palpatine is holding the key to our mailbox. 🙂

4. Pencil Case

I need to have at least a pencil or pen in my pocket so that i can draw or note something down somewhere. When i carry a bag with me, i usually bring the whole case with several pens and pencils, erasers, ruler as well as stylus for tablet. Just in case!

5. Muji Notebook

I still like to note things down on paper even i’m using my phone all the time. Black notebook from Muji is all i need. I like that it has a bookmark attached. Sometime i draw in this one as well.

6. IKEA Sketchbook

I got this sketchbook from IKEA Denver. I love snowflakes. I usually sketch or develop ideas using thumbnail sketch technique. I also take note in here as well. So, those two notebooks are some what interchangeable!

7. Google Nexus 7

As this tablet needs wifi connection, i take it out with me as an ebook reader. With free wifi and bluetooth keyboard, i can use it as portable computer. So, i’ve decided that my next computer will be a desktop instead of laptop!

8. JBL Headphones

This JBL headphones have good sound and will turn my phone/tablet into media station for musics and videos. The case that came with them is the best, it won’t let my headphones tangle in the bag.

9. Mobile Power Backup

I really like this power backup battery from Panasonic because it is small and light. The downside is it can only charge iPhone once and i won’t come with its own cable. So, i have to carry the USB cable with me in order to use it.

10. USB Cable for iPhone

In order to charge my iPhone using backup battery, i need the original USB cable came with the iPhone. I’m very proud that my cable doesn’t look that bad after has been used for almost 2 years!

11. Foldable Handbag Hanger

I don’t use it very often but it’s a good tool to have when facing with limited space to hang my bag. As there are so many valuable things inside, i prefer to hang the bag close to me where i’m sure nobody will try to take anything.

12. Shu Uemura Press Powder

I don’t actually use the powder during the day but it’s a good thing to have a mirror with me, just in case. Anyway, i think this press powder from Shu uemura is great when you need instant beauty!

13. Nivea Hydrating Lip Care

Given the weather is so dry here in Denver, this is my lip saver! I found that Nivea’s lip care is inexpensive and good. During the winter, i switch to Vaseline Lip Therapy for a better effect!

14. L’Occitane Hand Cream

I’m carrying this with the same reason as the lip care, this thick hand cream helps to prevent my hands from dehydrated. I got it during a flight, not sure which airline. Anyway, it is good and of course, free!

15. Karisma Hygiene Wipes

I used to try so many brands of wet wipes and i found that this one is the best, due to packaging and no perfume added. However, i often use them to clean my quill pen! 😛

Well, what do you think? What can you tell about me? And what’s in your bag? 😀



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