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I Am Plastic + I Am Plastic, Too

Designer toys or vinyl toys are something i really love. I can’t resist those cute little figures and i like to put them on my desk. I’m trying not to go crazy and collect them all but i usually pick the best one from each collection. From Futuroma Mini Figure, i got Bender from eBay because he is my favourite character. Tokidoki’s Unicorno series are my favourite and i want to have them all! Tokidoki is found by an Italian designer who based in California ( but it has a japanese “kawaii” style. I collect the unicorn figures and place them on the bookshelf. I actually missed 3 unicorns because they are very rare and too expensive. 😦 Other toy designers that i’m interested in are Kevin’s Creature, based in Hong Kong ( and Lunartik, based in the London ( Huskies from “Aome Husky x 3” series designed by Kevin’s Creature are so irresistible! I hope that i can go to Hong Kong in the near future. Recently, i also got my hands on one of the “Lunartik in a Cup of Tea” mini series. Here are some examples of my collection!

Robots Unicorno Bubble Lunartik

What i really want to do is making my own toys and i’m working on it! I got sculpture tools and some clay from the art supplies nearby. In order to come out with a unique design, i need to know what are out there in the market. So, i decided to buy 2 second-hand books from Amazon (only 26.78 USD for both) because they are quite cheaper than getting them brand new! The author of these books is the founder of Kidrobot ( This company is one of the best creator of art toys in the world. Both books are 1.3 inch thick, printed in full colour. They are equally great, although i have to look for more information of the artists in the back of the first book, “I Am Plastic”. However, there is an improvement in the second one, “I Am Plastic, Too”, i can read all the details of the artists printed along with the pictures of their toys. If you love designer toys, i highly recommended those (second-hand) books. I regularly check Clutter Magazine ( and Vinyl Pulse ( for news update on vinyl toys. There are so many cute toys out there! 🙂

I Am Plastic

I Am Plastic: The Toy Designer Explosion

Author: Paul Bunitz

Hardcover: 368 pages

Publisher: Harry N. Abrams (2006)

Language: English

I Am Plastic, Too: The Next Generation of Designer Toys

Author: Paul Bunitz

Hardcover: 368 pages

Publisher: Harry N. Abrams (2010)

Language: English



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