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I have to admit that i have a thing for notebooks, especially a blank one. I just love to collect them. Sometime they are just too cute and beautiful! Although i have plenty of them at home, i need go out and buy a simple one to use. When i use them, i like to make my notebooks personal by add cute stickers or marking tape on their covers. I also tried to make my own notebook and attended the bookbinding workshop with Parenthesis Mind ( in November 2012. This shop sells pretty handmade notebooks and does custom-made services.

Bookbinding tools My notebook

The bookbinding was actually harder than it looks! The process is very complicated that i don’t think i can do it again without the instructor’s help. The final product is very nice and i don’t use it as usual. 🙂 When i moved to the US, i finally found my perfect helper! There are two popular book binding machines for home use, the Bind-it-All from Zutter Innovative ( and the Cinch 2 from We R Memory Keepers ( The prices are about the same but i picked the Cinch 2 because i like that it will make circle holes instead of rectangular holes which similar to the office use binder. I also got a couple of wires and chipboards for covers. My first project is to bind my own sketchbook that i can personalize the paper and its size.

The Cinch 2 Cinch2

Voilà! With a bit of my strength, i have 2 personalised 9″x 12″ sketchbooks. The black cover one is made from cold press 140 lb paper for copic markers and watercolours. On the other hand, the gray cover one is made from medium tooth 50 lb recycled paper for drafting and sketching. This machine is also good for making scrapbook or photo album. When i decided to buy it, i was thinking along the lines of my 2013 calendar that i ordered from the print shop last year. This time, i can make my own 2014 calendar! 🙂



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